IT Minister Calls for Improved Telecom Infrastructure for Better Services

The federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Syed Amin Ul Haque has declared that the telecom sector needs to upgrade its infrastructure to improve the quality of services in Pakistan.

He claimed that his ministry provides a 90 to 95 percent subsidy for the provision of mobile services and broadband in un-served and under-served areas. Also, telecom companies should now play their role in gradation in urban areas.

Minister Haque said this while talking to a delegation of Telenor Asia led by Executive Vice President and Head of Asia, Jørgen C. Arentz Rostrup, today. The delegation comprised CEO Telenor, Irfan Wahab Khan, and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer (CCAO), Kamal Ahmed. The other attendees of the meeting were the Additional Secretary and a Member Telecom.

Minister Haque said that the process of digitalization requires addressing public grievances and expanding networking while the ministry works expeditiously to remove obstacles and enhance cooperation with the telecom sector for the fulfillment of the Digital Pakistan Vision. This includes high-level efforts to reduce the taxes on the telecom sector and other issues related to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and the RoW.

He mentioned that the digital world “needs innovation in all fields including e-commerce, daily routine. Without it, no one can compete with the rapidly growing needs of the market”.

“As the record number of mobile phone and broadband subscribers grows in Pakistan, so does the quality of services. Similarly, the Digital World requires innovation in all areas, including e-commerce and day-to-day routines,” the minister added.

Rostrup said that Telenor reiterates its commitment to being a key partner in Pakistan’s digital journey.

“Telenor is committed to supporting Pakistan in its next stage of digital growth. Together, we must incorporate new technologies to bridge the digital and connectivity divide in the country. Not only does this ensure sustainable long-term growth, but a future-ready inclusive society that meets the digital needs of people and businesses,” he explained.

Telenor’s CEO said that connectivity is the backbone of advancing society steps are being taken every day to improve the services.

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