West Indies Cricket Launches Unique 60-Ball Event 6ixty

Cricket West Indies (CWI) and Caribbean Premier League (CPL) organizers are set to announce a new 60-ball league, which will be held this year, from August 30 to September 30.

The CPL announced on social media that the 10th season will begin with a brand new T10-style league in which six men’s teams and three women’s teams will compete in a 60-balls-a-side tournament named the 6ixty with “radical new rules.”

The West Indian cricket authority has also named Chris Gayle as the brand ambassador for the upcoming 6ixty, though it is unclear whether West Indian players will participate in this format.

Pete Russell, CEO of CPL, stated that the new league’s goal is to excite cricket fans and occasionally require them to view things from a different perspective, much like what is currently occurring in golf.

“It’s just about trying to generate excitement and interest. It’s like what’s going on with golf right now – you have to look at things through a different lens sometimes. This is about a totally new audience. We’re very much going after the younger generation.”

The CEO further said that their initial goal is to complete four projects per year but fans might want to have three in the Caribbean and one elsewhere.

“Our plan is to do four a year, that’s the starting point. Potentially, you’d like to have three in the Caribbean and one elsewhere. We’d like to play one internationally somewhere: if I could take the 6ixty to Vegas, that would be a dream ticket,” he added.


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Imad Ali Jan