Green Line Metro Bus Service is Ready to Start in Bhara Kahu, Islamabad

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has completed the construction of the terminal bus stop of Green Line Metro Bus Service in the Bhara Kahu area of Islamabad.

Speaking in this regard, the Director of CDA’s Metro Bus Service Wing, Nauman Sheikh, said that the move is part of CDA’s efforts to improve the public transport infrastructure of the federal capital.

The development indicates that the Green Line Metro is ready to start operations. The Green Line Bus will operate from Bara Kahu to PIMS Metro Bus Station.

In between the terminal stations, the Green Line Bus will pass through Malpur, Lake View Park, Dhokri Chowk, Sports Complex/Aabpara, and Zero Point.

Earlier this month, CDA confirmed that Green Line and Blue Line metro bus services will start operations within a month and a half. Proper bus stations on the routes will be constructed in three months.

Both bus services will ply on regular roads in mixed traffic till the construction of dedicated routes. Reports suggest that CDA is considering charging Rs. 50 for a one-way ticket for both bus services.

  • They have to start from Satra Meel Tool Plaza to give the benefits all Bharakahu residents

  • Metro Buses will only be beneficial for public trasport if they run on separate Metro Routes for seamless transportation to carry peoples to their stops in minimum time. If it ply on regular road in mixed traffic, it will take longer time for passengers to reach their stops/offices because of bulk traffic in office hours.

  • Start pint from bharakahu should be considered from Satrameel…So the majority of Bharakahu residents can avail this facility. This project will not achieve ultimate goal to provide service for whole area population. Current start point makes no sense. It seems a decision in hurry for point scoring, no genuine facility.

  • Start point must be Satrameel toll plaza. This point is not effective and will not cover whole population. If govt is willing to provide this facility genuinely, then should review what has been executed. I hope CDA officials will review.

  • سترہ میل سے شروع کیا جانا چاہئیے تھا۔ اس سہولت سے فائدہ اٹھانے کے لیے پہلے لوکل وین پہ انا پڑے گا۔ مطلب ایک ہی ایریا میں دو دفعہ گاڈی بدلو۔ ہم اس طرح کی سہولت سے مکمل طور پر مطمئن نہیں ہیں۔

  • میرے حیال میں بہت اچھا کام ھے لیکن آپ اسکو بہتر بنا سکتے ھیں تو اس بس سروس کو آخری سٹاپ سترہ میل کا دینا چاھیے کیونکے اس علاقے کے پسماندہ عوام کو دوھرا کریہ ادا نہ کرنا پڑے اور یہاں کی مقامی ناصرف دوسرے علاقوں سے آنے واے افراد بھی فیض یاب ھوں

  • Its a good initiative from government but its a not complete package for residents so please increase more stop in bhara kau like 17 meel to peshawar mor and shuld be linked with others metro bus .

  • This service is not clearly available.we are govt to start also in prominent area where metro bus is not available like khanna pull to H-15,khanna pull to golra shariff to Shah Allah Ditta. Have a proper route like Route Number Public Transport.Rout Number Public Transport are pirates of earning because there faires are not according to inflation and have no ethics.looking forward there transport standard is not according to capital cities and there faires also.So I suggest to govt that to eleminate the route number public service transport and introduce CDA Buses every where is not available.Also start as like Route Number Public Transport.

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