Pakistan Single Window Rolls Out on Time as Per WTO Agreement

The Pakistan Single Window (PSW) has announced the historic milestone of rolling out of the Pakistan Single Window on time as per Pakistan’s international commitment to the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement (FTA).

While the PSW concept is simple, its implementation is complex since it involves many cross-border regulatory agencies including Customs and Other Governmental Agencies (OGAs), traders, and trade bodies, custom agents, transport operators, cargo handlers, freight forwarders, couriers, insurance companies, pre-shipment insurance companies, shipping companies and other service providers, commercial banks, port authorities and terminal operators.

Implementing the single window has challenges that not only pertain to the differences in data and information requirements, administrative procedures, and organizational structures but also consensus building amongst agencies for the development of a common vision and shared approach toward the single window core objectives and overall service offering.