Employee Fired for Being 20 Minutes Late to Work for First Time in 7 Years

A man was purportedly fired for being 20 minutes late to work for the first time in over seven years.

The post detailing the incident was recently shared on the Reddit Antiwork forum, and the Reddit user mentioned that he and his other coworkers will be arriving late to work until the man in question is rehired. However, where the incident took place is currently unknown.

The user highlighted that the fired employee had been late “for the first time ever”.

He added, “Tomorrow, I and all my co-workers will be late and will continue to come in late until they rehire him”.

Other Reddit users were quick to sympathize with the predicament of the fired employee, and the most popular comment described a similar experience: “I was late once in six years at my previous job”.

It continued, “I wasn’t fired, but I did get a stern talking to that day…”

Another user mentioned being late for work once because of a snowstorm. He wrote that it was the first time in six years that he was late but ]wasn’t fired. However, the user added that it was noted in his annual review by his employer.

The post also elicited a number of responses from users, with many criticizing the employer’s decision.

A user brought up the plight of the fired employee, who may face financial difficulties simply because he was 20 minutes late. Another user suspected that the employer was looking for an excuse to fire the employee and replace him with someone on a lower salary.

Since being shared on Reddit, the post has received nearly 79,000 upvotes, and its author has written an update: “Mission accomplished as we had an adult conversation about our concerns”.

  • Who is your editor? Now FB posts and Reddit posts (unverified) will become “news” on your site? No wonder your standard is falling sooo much

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