Punjab Police is Getting New Uniform Once Again

The Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, has decided to change the official uniform of the Punjab Police.

He has directed the province’s Inspector General of Police (IGP), Faisal Shahkar, to shortlist three colors for the new uniform.

Sources revealed that a public survey for the shortlisted colors will be carried out across the province to determine how the public feels about them.

The CM had instructed the IGP earlier this month to start work on improving the police staff’s uniforms.

They had previously been changed from khaki and black to olive green when Mushtaq Ahmed Sukhera was the IGP.

CM Elahi had assured that traffic wardens would be given seven uniforms as giving them only one was unfair and added that their allowances would be restored as well.

He also stated that the traffic police’s duty is not limited to imposing fines but includes improving traffic discipline.

The CM had declared that 150 patrolling police posts would be restored throughout the province and the force would receive 50 new vehicles. He had also promised that the police hospitals would be improved and officers would be provided free medicines.

Furthermore, he had said that arranging meetings for police reforms with the retired IGPs was a waste of time while mentioning that the composite police reforms were underway and people would experience their effects soon.

  • In current economic situation these leaders are planning to waste billions on cosmetic changes.

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