10 Year Old Pakistani YouTuber Becomes The First to Win Diamond Play Button

10-year-old Musa Tanveer has become the first Pakistani YouTuber to earn a Diamond Play Button. The trophy is awarded to those who cross 10 million subscribers on the platform, making Tanveer the only Pakistani YouTuber to do so, and also one of the youngest.

Tanveer joined YouTube in April 2013 and has over 2.7 billion views in total with 470 videos. He has been uploading videos for three years and also has a few other channels on YouTube such as Musa in Shorts and Musa in Live. He is an actor, artist, content creator, and model.

His main channel is called Entertainment with Musa, and it mostly focuses on skits and short TV show-like episodes for children. His recent videos have only been getting around a few hundred thousand views, but some older ones have several million each.

He is originally from Lahore but is currently living in Dubai. He started by uploading videos on TikTok, but his account was removed from the platform after some time due to his young age. But this did not stop him as he simply moved to YouTube and started uploading content there. He also has an Instagram and Facebook page with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Ads on YouTube

Recently, YouTube has recently started testing a new ad model that will show you up to 5 short ads at the start of a video instead of the usual 2. Dozens of people online have started seeing this change as the video-sharing platform conducts its public test.

YouTube has clarified that the new ad model will only show bumper ads, which are shorter ads meant to reach a wider audience and grow brand awareness. It is unclear when this change will roll out to everyone, but it is clear that YouTube is about to become even more annoying.

  • He joined YouTube in 2013, he is 10 year’s old now. That makes him probably the youngest one ever to join YT at the age 1 year…..

  • There’s most biggest hands behind their success his parents because no one other more sincere than their parents.
    Tanveer please ever respect of your parents because no one want to see success of others but parents.

  • Iska matlab ha bacha paida hoty hi you tuber bana do tik toker bana do takay Pakistani bachoon ka mustaqbil barbaad ho jay

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