Solar Installed Houses to Pay More to Wapda; Nepra Amending Rules

Pakistan’s renewable energy mix is at risk of falling apart as the country’s top electricity regulator plans on charging fees for supplying electricity to WAPDA via net metering.

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) is looking to amend the Distributed Generation and Net Metering Regulations, 2015, to reduce the payment for distributor generators of net metering by nearly 30 percent.

Users supplying power to WAPDA via net metering would likely suffer a 20 percent loss, while some consumers may now be required to pay the bill.

The following are the salient features of the proposed amendments to solar energy:

  • Single-stage, two-envelope bidding
  • Straight-Line tariff
  • 70 percent dollar indexation of tariff
  • Benchmark tariff by NEPRA
  • Guaranteed purchase of power
  • Land and interconnection to be provided by the government
  • Exemption on all import-related duties and taxes
  • The existing Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA) and Implementation Agreement (IA) will be used
  • COD within 12 months of EPA signing
  • Term: 25 years on a BOOT basis
  • 15 percent income tax
  • Payment guaranteed on 60th day after invoice through Bank Debit

According to details, NEPRA has already requested public feedback on the proposed features until end-September, after which the law is expected to be finalized. The regulator’s move has discouraged both existing and prospective net metering applicants instead of incentivizing renewable energy into expensive imported fuel-based thermal generation systems.

Several dozen consumers have already complained to NEPRA to express their displeasure with the proposed amendment to its rules, which they describe as a disincentive to the use of solar energy in the country.

In principle, net metering essentially promulgates the concerned government regulating entities to pay consumers who inject electricity into the national grid. Net metering has the potential to lower electricity bills while also helping to alleviate power shortages.

Adopting capital-intensive technologies like solar energy, which has a high upfront cost but lower operating costs needs easy financing, but the above-mentioned proposed regulation ends it.

  • This new policy is not acceptable and should be rejected.
    Net metering cusotmers are already in loss due tertiff difference with a heavy investments on solar system.

    • my take on this is that they’re just discouraging a normal household to self sustain electricity, as they’re moving towards solar as well, and they make money by overcharging people… So if more and more people start producing their own electricity via solar systems, they make less and less…. and hence, such garbage terms are introducted… I haven’t heard of such schemes introduced by any country in the world…

  • These are not idiots these are the cancer of our society whose sole purpose to plug any hole available to breath for poor and Middle class community. They are more than happy to pay billions to ipps without they producing a single unit of electricity but you’d have to walk over their stinking deadbody to get something for poor or middle class people

  • Sir ye Electricity ka nazam kasi Matric fail tehkdar ko dain , wo boht alla teryqay say chala laay ga.
    Bas iss ghreeb awam ko maaf kar dain .

    • Perhaps this is the real motivation…u knw Aaz is the real mediator with ipp’s… pm is easily influenced by them… they need some real big money instead of ppl sentiments, for upcoming elections… this is hw AAZ has been playing pakistni politics… earlier it was buying winning horses (senate etc).. now they want to buy and loot general elections, as they did twice in sindh

  • Here all govts are like a decoit always thinking to steal from people. This is not first time , recently people saw what happened with CNG stns and will happen with electric car charging stns so i never thought abt sollar because govt will not let you go uncharged

  • A word “Shame” for NEPRA,
    Do you people have a single inch of shame?

    Where you were when Electric supply companies kill all rules in billing.

  • WAPDA should pay if not equal to may be 3/4 of terrif demanded from consumer, as WAPDA is not investing any penny and collecting taxes, FPA etc

    • Interest groups create difficulties in journey towards self reliance in energy. Thats why we dont see kala bagh dam and other renewable resources.
      These groups have influnce in some bureaucracy , poliitical leaders and satisfy their greed .

  • The revision of netmetering policy is unacceptable. It will discourge new solar desirors. It will leave bad impact upon the solar user who have already made heavy investments. A big NO to change policy

    • This decision to discourage people govt. must intervene we are helping WAPDA to produce cheap electricity rather than imported fuel , I extremely condemned

  • They don’t want solar powered households. They want them to pay monthly bills no ands ifs or buts. Our country has become so corrupt, they don’t even hide or disguise the laws and amendment anymore.

  • What a foolish decision. Developed Countries encourage solar to protect environment and be sustainable whereas we go back and start charging for each individual.investment.
    This is again another discouraging move which should be stopped. Strongly disagree with the one sided decision of NEPRA. Zalim log

  • This Government want to kill people of Pakistan. They are here to destroy the economy. Middle class will become poor and poor will be dead.

    In entire world, Governments are encouraging people to produce their own electricity but here in Pakistan they are discuoraging with such ammendments.

    Shameless creatures.

  • Solarization is environment friendly and vital measure to mitigate global warming. Deincentivization of Solar Syetem by the policy makers is illustration of hypocratic attitude, as on one end we are begging from the international community on the plea of being victim of global warming and on the other end contributing in damaging the enviroment through such.policies.

  • Simply all over the world encouraging to use solar and in Pakistan vice versa. Day is not too far when people will come on streets and it will be difficult to hide by the policy makers.

  • نیٹ میٹر والے صارفین کی حوصلہ شکنی کی جا رہی ہے۔ میری رائے میں
    ایکسپورٹڈاور امپورٹڈ یونٹوں کا ریٹ یکساں ہونا چاہیے
    ہر تیسرے مہینے حساب کتاب کی بجائے ایکسپورٹڈ اور امپورٹڈ یونٹوں کا حساب سالانہ بنیادوں پر ہونا چاہیے
    اور فیلڈ اور دفتری عملے کو ہدایت کی جاے کہ ہر مہینے باقاعدگی سے ایکسپورٹڈ اور امپورٹڈ یونٹوں کی پوسٹنگ کی جاے
    اگر کسی وجہ سے ایکسپورٹڈ یونٹوں کی پوسٹنگ نہیں ہو سکی یا ایکسپورٹڈ یونٹوں کی مقدار کم ہی تو فی الفور بل وصول نہ کیا جائے بلکہ جسطرح ایکسپورٹڈ یونٹوں کی تعداد زیادہ ہونے کی صورت میں اضافی یونٹوں کو کریڈٹ میں جمع کردیا جاتا ہے اسی طرح امپورٹڈ یونٹوں کی تعداد زیادہ ہونے کی صورت میں ان کو ڈیبٹ میں رکھا جائے یہاں تک کہ پورے 12 مہینے کے یونٹوں کی جمع تفریق سال کے بعد کی جائے اور حساب کتاب کے لیے امپورٹڈ اور ایکسپورٹڈ یونٹوں کا ریٹ یکساں رکھا جائے

    • بلکل صحیح بات ہے۔۔۔عوام کو سہولت دینے کے بجائے تنگ کرنا کہاں کی عقلمندی ہے۔ بیوروکریسی ملک کی جڑیں کھوکھلی کر رہی ہے

  • An extremely unthoughtfull ,demonic non-user friendly approach prepared and forwarded by NEPRAS incompetent and non professional Executive team sitting at the helm of affairs.
    This speaks of poor vision damaging already suffering masses facing the economic brunt in all spheres of life in the country.

  • Those had Solar Energy KE Charged all taxes on our consumption of electricity and purchased energy through Net Metering from us without tax after that selling to another KE customer and charging all taxes to the Customer. They were charging double tax, no one can giving the answer

  • I remember PTCL used to take ages, a lot of greasing and links to install landlines phones about 30 years ago. Very soon large volume and long power storage batteries and systems will forever bury WAPDA together with NEPRA, just like the red (punjab) and Blue (NWFP) Bus service. That Insha Allah is our future

  • One single sentence “shameful act”.
    Favor to IPP, from where beaurucrates & few politicians make billions.

  • This new policy is not acceptable and should be rejected.

    Kindly dispose off the proposal and leave a life to live.

  • This is a shameful act of government we reject this proposal the extra amount received through this ammendment will go to beaucracy and politician’s

  • Solar provides cheap electricity to industries during the day to operate. These crooks in fact impose load shedding on industries and also net meter exporters just to get a cut from the IPP and oil imports. IPPs just cant stand solar exports. There is surplus solar exports during the day, but load shedding’s got to kick in. 70 years of greed and glut. Oh yes! PM Shahbaz is allllllll pro solar. Its the same PMLN govt that imposed taxes on solar after Musharraf left.

  • The govt:as stupid as they are net consumers are giving a helping hand now these idiots want to penalize them 😡😡😡

      • We don’t need enemies. We are our own enemy. No check and balance in this 3rd world country…not surprised by this shameful act though

  • Very discouraging and distressed to know about this likely change in NEPRA Rules. It will only fetch bad name to the Nawaz govt. Please do not do this disaster.

  • Definitely Not a pro public change in policy. Will certainly put people in hot waters who has or who are planning to go on renewable energy and to save some money on already very highly priced electricity.
    World is moving towards renewable energy while we plan to go backwards. Putting it in simple words, govt is trying to again cover up its wrong planning, poor decisions and policies by again plunging people of Pakistan into darkness and creating easy way of increasing revenues for itself.

  • Public should opt for hybrid inverter without Net Metering. Invest in storage and say good bye to DISCOs.

  • NEPRA amendments are not only SHAMEFUL but cruelty to the public and creating the basis for great damage to WAPDA.
    A citizen if can invest for solar energy in day time , can also invest alternative energy source in the night time saying goodbye to WAPDA.
    Descion makers must look around other countries and copy paste good policies.

  • NEPRA must also put extra tax on baby making and give incentive to TTP for honour killing of poor people who are still managing to stay alive despite of biggest floods ever seen by any Pakistani. Bravo NEPRA you can do it.

  • Just heard the news that NEPRA is amending the rules for solar net-metering and after that net-metering users will be required to pay extra charges. Are these people in their senses? Why would then someone invest in solar system? Net metering customers are already in loss due to tariff differences with heavy investments in solar systems. I had never seen an idiot who makes such policies. I know there are other idiots as well who will pass this amendment and the end user like us couldn’t do anything but It is my childhood wish to see such idiots. Can someone please suggest them to fulfill my wish by publishing photo of all such idiots with the policy as well so that my childhood wish could come true?

  • Only n only our country has the beaurocracy which has the honour to make such foolish rules and so we are the lowest grade nation in the world.

  • This is betrayl.First you give incentive,,people invest and you withdraw it.That is why,no one believes in this chore government

  • If government pay us in advance the triple amount of the cost which we invested then could be accepted

  • LoL… I’m just amazed with the fact that you would pay to Government for electric power that you give to government.. Just AMAZINGLY F’d up this government is!

  • u have a energy deficit and u are killing people who have and are going to invest in national debt reducer.The polïcy maker whosoever he maybe should be kicked out.Instead of further promoting u r decision will be a reversal

  • The empty heads that come up with such braindead suggestions are so full of shit. The world is trying to promote solar energy and the corrupt legislators are trying to make life a living hell for the masses. Such mofos should be in the lunatic asylum.

  • Rate should also fixed for wapda as penalty per hour for not supplying electricity during load shedding and faults

  • Government should abstain from such discouraging moves. This is a very bad decision on government’s part.
    Please get some good advisors!

    • Respected judges get free electric during service and after retirement, no need to take notice

  • Solar energy is clean. It helps the economy of the country. Users are helping the government indirectly even if they do not net meter their array on their houses. Why punish the people when they are lessening the burden of power for the government?. No. These bew laws are destructive.

  • Discouraging alternative energy is ridiculous!!! DO NOT!!!! Infact power supplier like KE should credit units sold to them at the average cost per unit charged in the same month as KE is not incurring any cost in getting these units

  • Strongly disagree. Instead of making public life easy, they are making it more difficult. Corrupt govt.’s corrupt policies.

  • NEPRA should be encouraging people instead of discouraged.
    Currpt Mafia never let Pakistan grow

  • What a shame, I am rethinking as all friends have solar systems. Are we discouraging it ?
    It much costlier system now & then comes law coming.

  • Government is highly educated and working hard day and night to find ways how to give mental torture to common people. Instead of facilitating and promoting solar energy, they are pushing people not to install solar and give heavy bills to NEPRA.

    Next step of this action should be a case in the court along with thinking out of the box to get rid of NEPRA for power requirements.

  • This will be the open day dacoity under power after signing agreements in past resulting Govt for the sake of charging extra in various shapes will be deprived from new residential solar power induction but face acute shortage in future by which the burden will again be shifted to industry and poor reflecting bad impression on national economy’s

  • New policy is totally reject and will protest and approach for Justice, which is not available in Pakistan. This is the movement to discourage peoples to not install solar system and use KUNDA as used in Sind.

  • Very good incentive by NEPRA. No matter what source of electricity people are using either solar or from the grid. They should be charged equally. In fact, solar users should be charged more as they get no loadshedding. We exist to pay the government, otherwise there is no purpose of living here.

    • Most ridiculous comment ……
      The problem.with Pakistan government is that instead of facilitating they are always making problems for the people …..

      The present law of net metering is very fair …..non peak hours usage /import is offset by non peak hours usage as the solar generation is during the hours when there is sun
      The non peak hours whose rate is higher are adjusted against increased solar generation on a 50 percent rate

      If the government plays this game people will have no choice but to isolate themselves from.the grid by investing in batteries and not deal with the crooks like Wapda ……
      They cannot stop stealing of electricity from small kunda to big industries ….but instead try to extort money from upright citizens who want to make ends meet

  • If this is true then shame on Nepra and its Chairman whi is always busyn in self promotion on social media. Net metering is a global best practice which was adopted in Pakistan on 2015-16. Instead of incentivizing more investment on greener energy sources in a country ravaged by effects of global warming these idiots are discouraging it.

  • The proposal is rejected with the reason , sun is free but not the energy created . It come as a resultant of heavy investment n doesn’t fall free from heaven . We request the already rate of exported units is in big disparity which should be removed by clean exchange of units imported with exported . No jugglery n intellect be displayed with evil intent . Maj Zafar retd.

  • Most Amercan and European countries subsidise even the cost of solar panels to encourage households for netmetering, where as a poor country like Pakistan if cannot finance or subsidise they must not discourage this sector of alternative energy. Pakistan’s 90 % population lives in homes which can install solar panels and help reduce Energy based import bill.

  • On one hand solar users are helping the country to avoid long breakdowns / load shedding and at the same time they are injecting extra power available through their system to national grid system. Since country can’t afford such a big investment to provide electricity to all hence these solar system is helping the country by making their own investment.

  • The nepra is pen yak and wahan jo bethay hoye ye qanoon banatay hein wo buhat ziada dhee *** hod hein saba


  • a very confusing article…. are you talking about net metering for residential users or solar based IPPs. You seem to have mixed both.

    • exactly what i was thinking is it only gonna effect peak hours units being adjusted at the end of 3 months time period if its for residential use too but nothing explained just confused us more lol :P

  • It should not be implemented as public invest lot of money to save energy bill.This is reduculsed.

  • When we are coping Europe or America in other things, why not in solar energy move to the public?
    This nonsense NAPRA’s decision.It is like kala Bagh making hardiles.
    اللہ تعالیٰ ھم پر رحم فرمائے آمین

  • NEPRA should be encouraging & facilitating users to install Solar Systems & not discourage by revision of the existing rates. They should infact give further incentives.

  • To me the rules seem to be formulated for a commercial or large scale IPP and not for a domestic solar netmeter user:

    “The following are the salient features of the proposed amendments to solar energy:
    Single-stage, two-envelope bidding
    Straight-Line tariff
    70 percent dollar indexation of tariff
    Benchmark tariff by NEPRA
    Guaranteed purchase of power
    Land and interconnection to be provided by the government
    Exemption on all import-related duties and taxes
    The existing Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA) and Implementation Agreement (IA) will be used
    COD within 12 months of EPA signing
    Term: 25 years on a BOOT basis
    15 percent income tax
    Payment guaranteed on 60th day after invoice through Bank Debit”

    • Proposal does seem to be for Commercial IPPs. For residential net metering consumers an agreement is in placeand in case this proposal is implemented it will be challenged in courts. Converting to hybrid systems would become the way forward for those who could afford it. Btw it is also not clear if this proposal is also related with KE consumers.

  • This is a very wrong move on part of so call progressive people in which govt doesn’t have invest a penny and receive electricity at oweners investment atleast some increase in the national grid.The electricity produced by Ipb is very expensive comparatively. Solar production should be incentives by increasing it rates & not decreasing it.

  • This is rubbish . The government should encourage people to be self sufficient in power generation where the government fails to produce enough power . This new idea amounts to extortion 🥵 it should be challenged in court and the apex courts should take notice of it . This government is only fleecing people . SHAME OM THEM

  • ALLAH ki pakar se daro
    Choron lutairon dakoun kitna lutoo gy aur iss mulk ko
    Marna bhool gaey ho kiya ????
    Lannat ho tum pe behsumar

  • Why?
    Solar is encouraging to reduce the cost of consumer utilization for which consumer pay a price which consumer recover in number of years.
    What has WAPDA to do for imposing charges when the equipment taxes were advance paid. This is Zulm and Ransom from people of Pakistan.
    The entire Regulators are on the Bribe Roll of power providers and producers.

  • it is going to destroy solar energy industry as people will avoid buying solar systems. as most people buy to cut their electricity bills and if this law is applied then who will buy the solar panels

  • What a foolish decision. Developed Countries encourage solar to protect environment and be sustainable whereas we go back and start charging for each individual.investment.
    This is again another discouraging move which should be stopped. Strongly disagree with the one sided decision of NEPRA. Instead of charging the solar user please stop free electricity of wapda employees and other govt officials.

  • Hence in short…. Nepra does not want to reduce electricity shortages in Pakistan and forcing you to buy units whatever will be the price

  • Shame …..Shame….shame …….nepra is not facilitating , it’s job only to cut down throats of people of Pakistan …..firstly gov can promote green energy and when people can spents millions of rupees on solar energy system then gov turn back and let the people of Pakistan in a huge loss of their money and give tensions ……………

  • AoA
    Once I’ve proposed nearly 5 years ago that every newly built house must Install 3-5 kv solar power generator to reduce the burden on the national electricity grid. So, this every newly built house would have their own power generation and some how they need less natural gas also. They are not imposing charges or revising tarrif for net-metering consumers, not for the non net-metering users.
    I’ve installed Solar generator 5 kv in 2014, and it is still sufficient with power management, sufficient for our house.
    Little short while ago I was planning for net-metering, Now I’m dropped the plan.

    What Nepra is planning to impose unlawful charges/tarrif is not wise. Completely agreed that they are going to discourage net-metering.

  • Petroleum mafia wouldn’t allow any alternative energy source including solar energy market to take over. A pathetic move made by pathetic policy makers.

  • No one will put solar system on their houses if they won’t get the benefit of solar, this is crazy people purchase solar at higher cost to get themselves comfortable but seems people spend on solar and get in trouble..

  • Very sad to say that a relief mechanism against the rising cost of electricity is being withdrawn from hard earned money making individuals. This has been our government’s policy to give you an incentive first and then trap you to get you cornered into taxation. This policy is in favour of billions of rupees earning IPP’s.

  • Integrity and loyalty to the country of such People/ Govt. Officials proposing such amendments is doubtful. They are to be watched whether they are working for development of the country or working for Anti Pakistan lobby.

  • This is not a good policy for the solar consumers who invest huge amount on solar panels. They want to diacourage people to use solar via net metering.

  • It is highly discourteous, ridiculous to introduce/implementation the new terms & conditions for net metering. Usage of solar Panels is helpful to NEPRA as such arrangements are sharing required the total load at National level. At the same time peoples have made investments out of their hard earnings for the installation of solar systems keeping in view the existing terms & conditions AND AN AGREEMENT HAS ALREADY BEEN SINGED(BEFORE THE ISSUANCE OF NETMETERS)BETWEEN NEPRA AND THOSE WHO INSTALLED SOLAR PANELS under the EXISTING terms & conditions.

    In view of the above said situation, it is highly unreasonable to coin new rules. It will add in the economic miseries of public which is already under high economic stress

  • What is going on???This is not fair.On the one hand the government is constantly complaining about not being able to fulfill electricity requirements, and now that people are switching to solar energy ,they going to be penalised for it.

  • Really pathetic. Those who have invested in solar energy have calculated certain amount of cost coverage for it to be feasible. If we are going to be so uncertain about policies then who will ever trust the government. It will no more be feasible for anyone to invest in solar. Some really loose screws amongst the policy makers who just don’t understand the longer term repercussions of this decision. They think government is some joke that can take u turns whenever some body new has a control. Really disappointed in this decision.

  • People installed solar system to help WAPDA in fulfilling country energy demand but new rules will discourage people to invest huge amounts for nothing.

  • I can’t understand the mentality of the law makers. On one end the govt. is worried about high cost electricity production by thermal sources and on other end they want to put an end to solar production. What a country.

  • They are only waiting for “Bheek” from other countries. Inshah Allah v will see soon Aazab for them. They sell our country and call pakistani people Bhikari.

  • نیٹ میٹرنگ کے لیے نئی شرائط و ضوابط کو متعارف کروانا/ان پر عمل درآمد کرنا انتہائی غیر مہذب، مضحکہ خیز ہے۔ سولر پینلز کا استعمال نیپرا کے لیے مددگار ہے کیونکہ اس طرح کے انتظامات قومی سطح پر کل بوجھ کو بانٹ رہے ہیں۔ اس کے ساتھ ہی لوگوں نے موجودہ شرائط و ضوابط کو مدنظر رکھتے ہوئے سولر سسٹم کی تنصیب کے لیے اپنی محنت کی کمائی سے سرمایہ کاری کی ہے اور نیپرا اور ان لوگوں کے درمیان ایک معاہدہ طے پا چکا ہے جنہوں نے شمسی توانائی کے نظام کے تحت تنصیب کی تھی۔ موجودہ شرائط و ضوابط۔

    مذکورہ بالا صورت حال کے پیش نظر، نئے قواعد وضع کرنا انتہائی غیر معقول ہے۔ اس سے عوام کی معاشی مشکلات میں اضافہ ہو گا جو پہلے ہی شدید معاشی دباؤ کا شکار ہیں۔

  • The proposal of NEPRA is totally unacceptable, this can be implemented only on a written guarantee to Supreme Court that LOAD SHEDDING Will not be in country at all in any part of country. NEPRA should first evaluate their available resources.

  • Highly Objectionable Act.
    Shame for NEPRA . Foolish policies by the Imported Government.
    May Allah keep us safe from these Decoits who are enemies of our country.

  • On one hand its family business which is expanding while on the other consumers r victimised by these amendments. Total failure on part of the Govt. عام عوام تو پس رہے ہیں اور حکمران خاندان کی عیاشی نہیں ختم ہو رہی

  • Har wo kam jis se mulk ko faida hota in besharmo ko apna is mai nuqsan nazr ata q k ye Pakistani hai hi ni.

  • Very bad on part of NEPRA, WAPDA and Govt. The people who are supporting energy production will be victimized. This will affect a lot on clean energy production.
    NEPRA can reduce weight of WAPDA and NEPRA expenditures with high payments with no vision and new projects. Close such bloody departments.

  • Why wapda is not apply g this rule to IPPs and even PAEC from where they are getting power with full terrif

  • I strongly reject the new proposal for solar net metering terrffs, this will discourage the use of green energy , I think this is to favour the IPPs, because IPPs is the biggest fraud which has been orchestrated against Pakistan by PPP and PMLN successive governments, the solar is a big threat to future IPPs so they have to save their interests. All IPPs are seems to be of their front men. Allah save Pakistan . Please come forward to launch a campaign to to get rid of these leeches.

  • I don’t understand how govt of Pakistan is forming policies there is no consistency , they encourge public to do one thing and when it is near peak they reverse the entire policy .
    This new policy is not acceptable and should be rejected and stopped at once,
    Net metering cusotmers are already in loss due tertiff difference with a heavy investments on solar system.
    Ok in case of CNG Govt have an excuse that the naturual gas is no more available, but now sunshine is abududunt and free in Pakistan but policy makers want Pakistan to beg for money to buy fuel,
    I suggest the government increase purchase price of solar generated electric instead of decreasing

  • Policy makers in NEPRA are enemies of Pakistan who come up with ridiculous ideas to keep Pakistan in perpetual darkness and strangulate it’s people with heavy bills. Instead of encouraging the people to reduce supply and demand gap in electricity and generate green energy they are slapping this draconian bill.
    Since the WAPDA people and policy makers do not pay the bills hence they can’t feel the impact of paying back breaking monthly bills.
    Again the terms and conditions for solar plants being set up by the govt are being linked to dollars when no fuel will be imported, only to benefit the son of PM.

    • Yes. .indeed very correct
      we have to totally boycott with PPP, PMLN &

  • Nepra should legalise sale of excess units to Neighbors or else people will opt for off grid solution in long run

  • This is simply ridiculous. House owners provide clean energy which Pak desperately needs (seen the floods/ climate change?) and the Einsteins in this Govt want to undo that!

  • Does these amendments will also be applied to IPPs like Hubco & Lucky power etc or not? If not then just need to challenge in court that NEPRA is working for safeguarding the interests of IPPs & not people of Pakistan who want to contribute in national grid. Unified laws to be implemented on all who contribute to national grid. This decision to be implemented by courts otherwise this corruption of bureaucracy & IPPs will never break up. Also the taxation on units either to be removed from bill or to include it when buying the power from individual green power contributors in order to break fossil fuel mafia! If WAPDA is bound to pay IPPs in cash or others, so the same applied to private green power contributors too! Unified laws will kill the future of fossil fuel mafia & pave the way for green Pakistan!

  • I’d prefer to get on-grid inverter replaced with an off-grid device with battery backup and use the 100% alternate energy generated from my solar system for my own household with zero consumption of disco electricity.
    No to illogical NEPRA

  • I totally disagree with the new proposal and don’t know whose master mind behind it who has no knowledge and driving it. It’s a rubbish proposal

  • Solar energy injected in system by individual solar setup installer is a service to govt and public alleviating tha pressure on the Wapda supply and ensuring extra availability of utility.
    Solar system require heavy investment that an installer make without any help from govt. export and import is vide units not linked with dollar, inefficient distribution by distributors and losses, free supply to certain individuals and org can not be burdened on public. Thus the current consideration to reduce the export rate is not acceptable and considered as a move to deprive and grab the rights of solar system owners special ones that system installed in its homes.

  • Shame on our government….. first they dont provide you basic necessities, with this they continously increase prices of all utilities and when citizen try to make some betterment for themselves through energy that Allah has provided us all for free, they are making plans to make people suffer in that too….. what kind of people are you???? Cant u do anything for the better??? Dont you have any pity for the people…. aren’t you all full upto ur necks with black money??? Isn’t that all enough for you????

    • Rogues and Rascal swill rule this country and poor man will be suffering. This is what todays govt and its officers are. This is saying of William Churchill. Very true for this Pakistan

  • WAPDA being department miserably failed to end shortage crisis because of bad planning and free units facility to their employees, which is no where in the world.Govt might be levy taxes on air intake mean Oxygen God gifted.
    This department should be privatised soon, people well known about inside corruption in the name of line losses .
    Fuel Adjustment Charges first time imposed during Sharrif Govt, and Sartaj Aziz was Finance Minister, he had gifted this to Pakistani nation.

  • Not fair
    This amendment against Pakistan
    To discourage renewable energy means have to import more fuel and have to spend more foreign exchange

  • Stupidity of highest level….they should finish free electricity units to wapda employees and their big bosses…rather than make things difficult for tax paying citizens

  • The used units provided by WAPDA or IESCO to the user be charged at the same rate as the unit of electricity supplied through net metering by the user. At the end of the month, the surplus units be carried over to next month and if the there is more units consumed by the user, it must be charged at the prevailing rate. If at the end of the year there are surplus units provided by the user only then its cost at the prevailing rate may be paid back to the user after deduction of tax as applicable.

  • Already the rate is Rs 9 per unit payment and sold to us as er unit nearly RS 49.
    Second any such change will impact this investment by the public discouraged and people will switch to off grid systems and the problem of power shortage will never resolve. Typical dirty barocratic thinking

  • I sure people making these policies are never exposed to the problems of the nation. They only focus on making easy money without looking into the damages to the level of trust on the government policies.They always try to implement there fantasies of making money weather it is workable or not. Like CNG installation in the car, which didn’t even last for 10 years. Billions of dollars are a scarp now. The kit purchased for Rs. 60,000 is now not worth Rs.3000, likely are the filling stations. The outcome is that we don’t Gas to cook food and run Industries.
    May Allah help us.

  • This is outright immoral and unethical. This is how citizens lose confidence in integrity of the regulator/government. If policies are changed frequently that too detriment to the interest of the solar energy producers/users, it would not only cause financial lose to the solar user, it will disfranchise them as well. Single most factor of happiest nation in the world today is the trust amongst citizens and trust between citizens and the government. Please don’t kill our little happiness of living for which we invested so heavily financially.

  • Unit purchase cost is already very low, furhter reducing will discourage people to do it grid tied. Hybrid system will be better I suppose. Why to invest for others.
    Export price to the solar producers to be reduced as the employees of producers get all or some units free of cost, since we will be their partners and doing all maintenance and repair of the system at our cost etc.

  • I have a message for them which is 🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️

  • Everyone is against this oppression and injustice.

    The real question for all you Pakistanis is: WHAT ARE YOU FINALLY GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

    Will you take any action? Or will you simply continue to whine and complain online?

  • The stupid decision makers of NEPRA
    are trying to create hatred for this unpopular govt.
    And the govt of the duffers of the highest category will never understand the end result of such decisions for their political future.
    I will definitely vote against them in coming elections if this decision is implemented

  • Some one explain plz wapada already buying extra unit in9.50 rupes they were not buying in 19 rupes as per my knowlge

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