Android Phones Are Getting This iPhone 14 Feature For Free

Dynamic Island is undoubtedly the best implementation of a pill cutout yet. It uses the pixels around a punch-hole as an overlay for your apps running in the background. For instance, if you minimize the clock app, it will show you a small timer as well as an app icon. You can also use it to control music playback without having to swipe down your notifications.

This is what it looks like.

Naturally, team Android is already working on copying the feature for future phones. As such, developers for Xiaomi’s MIUI Android skin are already debating on the idea, hinting that it could be coming to Xiaomi phones soon, the upcoming Redmi K60 in particular.

The screenshot below is taken from Xiaomi VP Lu Weibing’s official Weibo account.

Weibing asked users if they would like to see “Smart Island” on their phones. Several people responded that they do want to see Xiaomi’s implementation of Dynamic Island. Some users were against this move, but MIUI developers are already working on implementing Dynamic Island for music control, notifications, and more.

The video below shows what it could look like on an Android phone.

Since Xiaomi phones are close to getting official support for Dynamic Island, there is a high chance that other Android OEMs will jump on the bandwagon as well. Almost all Android phones have a punch-hole selfie camera these days, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see it.

Several phone makers including Huawei have also experimented with pill and punch-hole cutouts, which would make for better execution of the feature. It is also possible that we will start seeing pill cutouts on more Android phones since everything Apple does is copied eventually. However, unlike Apple, Android phones may use it to fit two selfie cameras instead.