FBR Raids Outfitters Head Office in Lahore

The Regional Corporate Tax Office Lahore has raided the head office of clothing brand Outfitters in Lahore to obtain relevant records for completion of the audit proceedings against the company.

Senior officials of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) told ProPakistani that the raid was conducted with the necessary approval of the Commissioner Audit-III Corporate Tax Office Lahore.

The approval of the raid was given by Zulqarnain Ali Shaheen Haral, a BS-20 officer of Inland Revenue Service presently posted as Commissioner-IR (Audit-III), Corporate Tax Office, Lahore, who is the competent authority in the case.

The case of Outfitters was selected for audit, but they were not complying with the department’s notices for the provision of the required record. During the ongoing audit proceedings, the unit was not providing the records required for audit purposes.

A local team of the Regional Corporate Tax Office Lahore recovered and seized computers, laptops, and other records including ledgers of purchases and sales of the unit.

  • Paisa aana chahiye …. The tax consultants and FBR officials unholy alliance results in megre tax collections which brings harm to tax compliant companies. FBR should give the audit job to third parties. With more than one audit firm for non compliant tax payer

  • It could never be termed as a valid ground to break the business privacy of a registered taxpayer. Subject raid is coram non judice, nullity in the eyes of law.

  • FBR official is looking for:
    Scare the businesses and get more bribe
    And if Oufitters are paying tax, then FBR officials may have problem with that as well, because he who pays tax correctly are mostly hated by FBR officials…
    Pakistan’s FBR will never ever raid a Tax-defaulter or concealer…

  • “FBR raided OUTFITTERS” What an ugly side of our government department that how to DAMAGE brand’s reputation nationwide.

  • FBR should also raid high end restaurants like COCOCHAN . They charge tax from their customers but do not deposit it with FBR as their bills do not have FBR invoice number. I had protested it when they charged me Rs.2800 tax with no FBR invoice number, but they insisted me to pay. They are stealing away millionsof Rupees of government taxes

  • Just one of those tested and tried arm twinting tactics to extort money from business houses nothing else once they got what they wanted everything would fall in order

  • What brand reputation? If ppl gv their taxes on time thn no one will bother to raid thm. Hamari kitni percent public tax daiti hai?

  • Raid required on local foods shops like Nihari houses, BBQ shops. Ice cream and fruit juices shops, Big pan houses who earns hundreds thousands in a month without paying or minimum paying incom tax, also paints,hardware, sainetry fittings and IT accessories shops are not paying any incomtax.

  • I am waiting when the angels of FBR will rain ARY Jewellers? they are the most evil in tax payment. They even do not provide the correct and valid bill to the customers and save billions in tax. I gurantee you FBR will never raid ARY

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