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Government Officially Exempts Parliamentarians From Toll Taxes

With National Highway Authority’s (NHA) recent notification, the government has officiated toll tax exemption for members of the national assembly (MNAs) and the senate.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government had abolished toll tax exemptions for all senators, national assembly, and provincial assembly members. The decision to reinstate the exemption came during a recent standing committee meeting by Senator Prince Omar Ahmadzai.

Toll Tax Exemption Notification

During the session, the assembly members took NHA to task for not performing its duties properly. Senator Saifullah Abro said that the increase in toll tax on motorways from Rs. 160 to over Rs. 1,000 has made it difficult for people to use motorways.

Senator Kamil Ali Agha added that the department should prioritize restoring the roads from the toll tax money. He said that the deterioration of M2 has made it difficult to travel.

A Scathing Response

As the state economy crashes and inflation rises, the government has decided to ‘relieve’ the MNA and senate members of paying toll taxes on motorways and highways. Expectedly, this decision is not sitting well with the public.

People have issued a scathing response to the government’s decision to reinstate toll tax exemption for MNAs, stating that they should get the same treatment as the masses. Social media has been stormed with the notion that the government is throwing its weight around and enjoying the spoils of no accountability and corruption.

This tactic, like many others from the current government, is not popular among the people as they demand equal imposition of taxes on government servants.

    • and next step, resurgance of half hour traffic signal stoppage so honorable monkeys can pass the roads…

    • In Naya Pakistan Army officers were already exempted from paying any Toll Taxes. In Purana Pakistan the offer of Army Officers is now extended to politicians as well. So both Purana and Naya Pakistan are bad.

  • Army Officers are not paying any Toll Taxes and now MNAs and MPAs will do the same. Army Officers and Politicians milk kar hmain choona laga rhay hain.

    • From now onward, i will not pay toll plaza either and will pick a fight with them if they ask for toll plaza fee. i am also a true loyal pakistani.
      All are requested to do the same until the law becomes the same for all.

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