Pakistan Plans to Launch 5G in 3 Cities by 2023

An official document of the Ministry of Information and Telecommunication (MOITT) has detailed that the government is planning to launch 5G in Pakistan by 2023. The launch will start with the three big cities of the country including Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore.

However, don’t get too excited just yet, as the government predicts that only 4% of Pakistan’s total population will have access to 5G technology by 2025, and 65% of people will be using 4G by then.

According to the document, the Global System of Mobile Communications (GSMA) had projected that more than half of Pakistan’s population will be using 4G by the end of 2022. These predictions turned out to be true, but this is still three years behind the rest of the world. 4G adoption rates have been significantly slower than the rest of the world, but the growth is expected to increase over the upcoming years.

5G will start rolling out in 2023 in Pakistan, but it will account for a very small amount of connections in the following years.

Mobile internet is growing in Pakistan, but it still has plenty of room for improvement. Last month, the total number of mobile broadband users reached 123 million and market penetration was at 51%. The proportion of mobile broadband users among total mobile subscribers continues to increase every year.

According to GSMA’s numbers, the number of 4G users made up 50% of the total mobile connections globally in 2019. 82% of the population in low-middle income countries (LMICs) had a 4G connection and over 90% were using 3G. It took these countries around 7 years to reach 80% coverage for 4G and 10 years for 3G.

It is clear that even low-income countries are starting to adopt next-generation telecommunication technology faster over time. Hence, it is safe to assume that 5G technology will take less time to roll out in Pakistan compared to 4G.

  • 5G my foot, still didn’t get 3G speed in Pakistan and talking about 5G, in Karachi city we are facing signal issue which is not solved by these stupid service providers.

  • Pakistan mein abhi 4G k signal nhi aatay yeh 5G kesay dein ge pehlay network ka masla hal hona chahye

      • 100 saal bhi nikal naein tou bhi ye log kuch nai krny waly,pichly saalon mainb mulk konaur brbaad hi kiya hai abi bhi wohi kr rhy hain agy bhi krein gy hi likh ky rkh lo.Mujhy tou is mulk ka koi future acha nai nazr aata.

  • I beleive forecast need correction as in last 2-years, many new smart phones have 5G capability, so it’s net work availability in these cities..

  • If launched will it be Mm wave or Sub 6Ghz ?
    And yes in our country even a slightly less developed place like gulistan colony or gulraiz you can’t get proper 4g signals zong had some better coverage now it’s also trash so plz solve signal issue plz

  • Hahah really want to laugh on such news, even 3g not working properly and they are launching 5g such a stupid decision by stupid policy makers. Most of the telecommunications providers are robbing Pakistani citizens but no body can do anything to them. Because they are paying bribes to big maafia of Pakistan.

  • Pakistan is far behind from other countries in technology such as countries like Bangladesh. Even mobile companies are unable to run 4G service properly. For 5G service it may take another 5 years

  • Hum tu bas g ker ne k adi hen ab wo 2g ho 3g ho 4g ho 5g ho ya koe b g ho yahan signal ni aa rahey aur bat ho rahi hai 5g ki wah mashallah ki bat hai

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