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Gilgit Launches Dedicated Bus Service For Women

Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) has announced the launch of a free exclusive bus service for women. The announcement came from Gilgit-Baltistan chief secretary office’s official Twitter page.

According to the update, the buses will run during rush hours along the main thoroughfares of Gilgit and Skardu. However, the government is yet to announce the exact routes and timings within each city. The tweet adds:

4 routes have been earmarked where buses will operate at two times i.e. 6am to 9am and 1pm to 3pm. Female students, doctors, teachers, lawyers and other professionals will benefit from this initiative. Traffic police has been instructed to facilitate these buses on roads.

The announcement received positive feedback from the netizens, along with a request for strict regulation of taxi fares in the GB region.

Travel Schedule for Babusar

Diamer District Administration has revealed the new travel schedule for Babusar Top due to recent snowfall and hazardous driving conditions. The scenic tourist attraction witnessed its first snow of the season last week. Following that, the massive influx of tourists has caused heavy traffic on the highway.

The schedule entails that you can only travel to, from, or through the Babusar Top highway from 6 AM to 6 PM. Prior to or past these hours, no vehicle will be allowed on that highway. Furthermore, the authorities will stop the vehicles traveling on Babusar Top Road after 6 p.m. at zero point.

This schedule will remain in effect for the remainder of the season as the days continue to get shorter and roads become increasingly slippery due to snowfall.

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