NEPRA Starts Work on Assessing Geothermal Energy Potential in Pakistan

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has started working on assessing the potential of geothermal energy in Pakistan and for that on Friday held a webinar titled “Geothermal Energy – Technological Overview and Potential. ”

The webinar presided over by chairman NEPRA Tauseef H. Farooqi was intended to create awareness about geothermal energy, technological advances in this field and the potential for Pakistan.

Chairman NEPRA, in his remarks, highlighted that while it is a new technology in Pakistan, the world is moving expeditiously towards exploring such avenues to attain zero carbon emission goals along with reliable and affordable power generation.

He further said that Pakistan is a blessed country having immense potential in this area which needs to be tapped.

International Research Scientist and Geothermal Laboratory Program Manager at NREL Amanda Kolker made a detailed presentation highlighting geothermal energy, technological advancements in the field, potential in Pakistan, and recommendations for harnessing this potential.

The webinar was attended by NEPRA professionals and a large number of power sector stakeholders, members of the academia, and others.