A First Look at Animal Rights Course Content for Schools in Islamabad

The Head of the Prime Minister’s Strategic Reforms Unit, Salman Sufi, announced that the development of the Animal Rights curriculum, which will be taught in schools in the federal capital, is almost complete.

His tweet read: “As part of PM Shehbaz [Sharif’s] Animal welfare reforms, Chapters on Animal rights in curriculum are in final stages of composition”.

He added that he had also had detailed consultations with over 40 academics, the Ministry of Education, the curriculum board, and animal rights volunteers in this regard.

Salman Sufi also tweeted the following images as a first look at the subject matter:

He had stated in September that the course will be introduced in the syllabi of Grades 5 and above at both private and government schools in the federal capital by the end of October.

Sufi also mentioned that the government is working with international organizations and local activists for this project that will educate students about pets, stray animals, and exotic pets.

Detailing the layout of the course, Sufi had said,

Animal rights activists will visit schools and teach children about keeping pets. They will tell kids that pets cannot just be kept for fun, and make them realize that animals are a responsibility.

He added,

They need to understand that you can’t throw stones at stray dogs. That it is better to neuter these animals. That even Islam teaches us to respect every living being and emphasizes how animals should be protected.

Furthermore, the course content will also include the dangers of keeping exotic animals at home.

“We will tell children that if they can afford these wild animals, it is absolutely unfair to keep them at home and that importing exotic animals is a big no,” Sufi said.

The premier’s aide had also previously explained that the course on Animal Welfare will have co-curricular sessions, and after it is launched in Islamabad, the authorities will push for the provincial governments to follow suit.

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