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Made in Afghanistan Supercar Goes Viral

A team of tech specialists from Afghanistan has developed a supercar. A video post of the ‘Mada 9’ sportscar is going viral on social media with people showing appreciation for the effort.

According to the details, Mada 9 is a supercar prototype built from the ground up at the Navavari Center of Technical and Vocational Education of Afghanistan. It is a product of ENTOP, the IT Ministry, and the Innovation Center of Afghanistan.

The development videos show that Mada 9’s body is made from lightweight composite materials. The car is based on a tubular frame chassis, has F1 style pushrod suspension, and a mid-engine layout — where the engine sits behind the driver.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ENTOP, Muhammad Raza Ahmadi, stated in the video that the team has been developing the prototype for five years. He said that the team will conclude this project in two weeks and plans to display it in its final form at the Qatar Exhibition.

The developers claim that Mada 9 is being developed while bearing in mind the hilly terrains of Afghanistan. The team will rigorously test the prototype before eventually putting it into production.

The company is expected to share more details about the car upon its official unveiling. Mada 9 is an ambitious project that, albeit without a publically known execution deadline, is a significant milestone for the Afghans.

Note: Featured image is only for illustration purposes.

    • Right… So you’re paying for the content, domain, server, maintenance and time put into this website?

      Shane on YOU for being so stupid and naive. Propakistani needs ads to keep their platform up and running

  • Well done guys keep it up brother. Your good self has made your nation proud on you guy’s

  • Masha Allah proud of you my brother I hope this world let us in peace than we AFGHANS will do anything nothing would be impossible for Us insha Allah

  • Well-done Afghanistan. Really appreciate it. Afghanistan can do wonders. All they need support from globally

  • Sirf dunia ma taraqj karna sab kuch ni hota… Jab tak ap k andar bardasht ni ha… Ap k ekhlaq achy ni hai… Koi qoam ya mulk ap ko accept nahi Kary ga… Ensaniat b sath sath seekho…

  • Hard work and dedication always pays off, with the help of Allah
    Great job my afghan brothers, love from Pakistan

    • Pakistan’s name should be changed to mafiastan.. as it has bundles of every kind of mafias and car mafias are one of them which have roots in beaurocracy and govt. These mafias dont let fruitful plants grow up to benefit people of pakistan in the long run. Full stop.

  • This is impressive 👍… Afghanistan making a super car while Pakistani car industry is busy in praising Mehran!!.

  • Great Work Afghan Brothers!
    Future looks great for automobile production in Afghanistan!
    Hope to see this type of work in Pakistan as well.

  • Alhumdolillah, it is nice to see young Afghans working on automotive body designs which are attractive. However it would be interesting to know which engine, transmission and other systems have been installed, as well as performance parameters. Looking forward to these technical details and specifications.

  • Very impressive ! The concept of western power to show Afghanistan on world stage as ignorant, illiterate, and savage people but reality is different, Afghans are intelligent, humble and beautiful as the other people of the world.

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