Hundreds of Teachers Served Notices for Poor Results of Matric Students

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Education Rawalpindi has issued show cause notices to hundreds of teachers for below-par results of students in the annual results of matriculation.

According to details, CEO Education Rawalpindi, Qazi Tariq, has directed over 1,200 teachers to explain their position on the matter within seven days of the issuance of the notice.

The teachers have been directed to submit their written stances to the heads of their respective schools. The heads will forward the explanations to the CEO Education Rawalpindi.

In case of failure to submit written explanations, CEO Education will initiate departmental proceedings against non-compliant teachers. The failure to submit responses will also be deemed as teachers’ confession to poor performance.

Speaking in this regard, CEO Education Rawalpindi said that a number of subject teachers had zero percent results in the annual matric exams, meaning none of the students taught by them passed the exams.

Such results show that teachers have been unable to perform their duties in an effective manner, noted the CEO, adding that the teachers should have taught students in a manner to enable them to clear the results.

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