Ensure Business Safety with Wateen’s Managed Surveillance

The safety & security of your workplace shouldn’t stay in the past when the world around us is making digital advances more rapidly than ever before.

With business efficiency directly linked to the safety of the business premises, integrating smart security solutions can hardly be ignored anymore.

And when these smart security solutions are offered by a technology leader like Wateen, the security of your business only gets more robust.

Wateen’s Managed Surveillance Services

Integrating cutting-edge technologies, Wateen helps you conduct business with great confidence and fewer worries. With its managed surveillance services, you get the right solution for the physical safety & security of your company.

Your company can get on the advanced, integrated communications highway with Wateen’s security & surveillance system.

With the help of the advanced technologies that Wateen offers, you will be able to connect to video surveillance in an efficient and completely hassle-free manner.

Wateen provides a high-quality IP surveillance system that is supported by its robust infrastructure and allows you to receive alarms from your IP Camera without any human interaction. This also helps you eliminate the need and the added cost of conventional security guards.

Some key features of Wateen’s managed surveillance service include:

24/7 Monitoring

Protect potentially vulnerable areas and monitor your surveillance system at the click of a button from anywhere, at any time. This offers your organization round-the-clock monitoring.

Integrated Security Systems

Get an all-in-one solution that integrates sub-systems seamlessly, providing high-performance and high-speed connectivity, for increased safety and efficiency through a complete package.

Video Analytics

Offering video analytics that processes visual data streamed over network cameras while carrying out pre-incident prevention and real-time event detection helping you make the best possible decisions for the security of your business.

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