Serene Air Flight With Over 200 Passengers Makes Emergency Landing

A Jeddah-bound flight of Serene Air made an emergency landing after developing a technical issue moments after taking off from Jinnah International Airport.

According to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the Cabin Pressure System of Serene Air flight ER-811 malfunctioned shortly after flying from Karachi. The incident occurred when the plane was at nearly 3,000 feet.

The pilots safely maneuvered the plane back to Karachi airport. Over 200 passengers were on board, who were shifted to the airport’s transit lounge after the emergency landing.

Meanwhile, the CAA has launched an investigation into the matter. The CAA has assured stern action against the technical team of the private airline in case they are found guilty.

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In a separate incident, a couple of weeks ago, a PIA flight from Sukkur to Islamabad made an emergency landing at Islamabad International Airport after one of its engines caught fire.

The ATR airplane, with 54 passengers on board, was two nautical miles away from the airport when the mishap occurred, following which the pilot issued a mayday warning. Fortunately, the pilot safely landed the plane.

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