Female Student From Low-Income Family Wins 10 Gold Medals in MBBS

Aqsa Akram, a hardworking student from a middle-class family in Hyderabad, has accomplished her mission of earning an MBBS degree with 10 gold medals and made her parents proud.

According to the details, Aqsa, who was a student at a private university in Tando Muhammad Khan, fulfilled her parents’ dreams through hard work and completed her degree with 10 gold medals to her name.

A resident of the Latifabad area of Hyderabad, Aqsa was a consistent class topper through her MBBS degree and also a leading student in other educational activities, which helped her achieve the feat.

Speaking to the media, Aqsa attributed her success to her hard work, dedication, and her family, who supported her throughout the difficult journey of becoming a professional doctor.

The young doctor went on to say that it is everyone’s responsibility to play a role in empowering women for positive social change and allowing them to realize their dreams.