Saudi Arabia’s TAWAL Telecom Finally Taps Into Pakistan Market

There’s finally some good news for Pakistan’s telecom Industry as the Saudi Arabia Telecom Group TAWAL Telecom has stepped into the Pakistani market.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued NoC to TAWAL Telecom for operations in Pakistan, after fulfillment of all codal formalities and requisite clearance by relevant stakeholders. PTA has issued provisional approval and the company will have to change its shareholding from SECP as well.

TAWAL is a subsidiary of Saudi Telecom giant STC and it owns over 15,500 towers in Saudi Arabia. It announced its entry into the Pakistan market by acquisition of AWAL Telecom in February this year.

Keeping in view of the current situation in Pakistan, Saudi Telecom Group’s entry into the Pakistani market is a major development. TAWAL Telecom has acquired a shareholding of AWAL Telecom, a company with a Telecom Tower Provider License with 70 to 80 telecom towers. TAWAL is a large group and plans to install more telecom towers in Pakistan in the future.

According to experts, TAWAL’s entry into the Pakistani market in the context of the 5G launch is also very important. The launch of 5G will require more towers and TAWAL as a tower company, with new ideas and advanced technology will be a good addition. Under PTA’s active sharing framework, cellular operators will also be able to rent telecom towers, which will be a win-win situation for both sides.

Pakistan offers huge investment opportunities in the telecom sector with 194 million cellular subscribers, 121 million 3G/4G subscribers, and 124 million broadband subscribers.

  • I want something like Jio which will bring a revolution in this industry of looters. A tower installing company isn’t going to bring any change.

  • I have a space for tower in gulberg 2 main market if u need kindly contact me 03249099999

    • Do you have good signals on that plot already? If yes then there is no need of tower there. If no then contact your area Franchise and register complaint and make sure with followup that it is reached upto the required cellular operator. There is no other way out

  • Its a good innitiative and we hope more from TAWAL… I hope that it will start soon and extend its network beyond the limits… Good Luck

  • Good News. I don’t have physical space to offer, but I have space in my heart, please install a tower. God bless you!

  • We needs super 4g network the current 4g is like 2g no network speed in close rooms 5g is just a number in pakistan its a game cellular companies will earn much more in the tag of 5g

  • Welcome to Pakistan…
    By the way, when TAWAL is going to hit the telecommunication market of Pakistan.

  • I have some places in abbottabad ruler area please contact me & visit these areas for installing tower
    I think from these areas company will recieved good response

  • Good News. I am interested to install a tower as on rental basis or Yearly contract. God bless you!

  • Don’t fool people, Saudia is investing money in India and wants to invest more, while it only shakes hands with Pakistan when needed.

  • Will TAWAL install towers only or complete NGN infrastrucure to support 4G/5G services. When do they plan to start operations

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