Chief Minister Imposes Environmental-Emergency in Lahore

The Punjab government declared on Tuesday that Lahore is under an environmental emergency. This is because the city’s air quality is worsening every day.

Lahore’s air pollution has been dangerously high. Tuesday evening, at 5:30 pm, the AQI (air quality indicator) showed that the city’s air quality index was 184.

According to (a website that monitors air quality around the globe), the city was ranked fifth in terms of pollution on Tuesday and the highest on Wednesday.

Pervez Elahi, Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab, imposed a state of emergency in the city. He also instructed officials to devise a plan to address the situation.

He ordered a ban on crop residue burning in the province and warned that those who violate the orders will face severe consequences.

The CM also stated that modern harvesters would soon be available to farmers to stop stubble burning. Brick kilns, however, will be converted to zigzag kilns.

CM Elahi continued by saying that anti-smog teams will inspect smoke-emitting vehicles in the city, take action against them, and this campaign will continue for three months.

Meanwhile, Lahore High Court has ordered the provincial administration to keep schools closed three days a week owing to the rising pollution.

Justice Shahid Karim issued the judgment when the court decided on the public-interest petitions on a variety of environmental concerns.

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