Research Proves China is Pakistan’s Closest Ally

Pakistan and China enjoy an all-weather friendship that dates back to the early 1950s and a recently published index is a testament to the strong bilateral ties between both countries.

Doublethink Lab, a Taiwan-based firm striving to safeguard democracy globally, has released the China Index 2022, which ranks the countries on the basis of strongest bilateral cooperation with China.

According to China Index 2022, Pakistan tops the list. Cambodia and Singapore sit in second and third place respectively. Here are the top 10 countries with the strongest ties with China.

Country Rank
Pakistan 1st
Cambodia 2nd
Singapore 3rd
Thailand 4th
Peru 5th
South Africa 6th
Philippines 7th
Kyrgyzstan 8th
Tajikistan 9th
Malaysia 10th

The China Index 2022 includes 82 countries. The index assesses countries’ ties with China across nine domains. These are; Academia, Domestic Politics, Economy, Foreign Policy, Law Enforcement, Media, Military, Society, and Technology. Each domain further comprises 11 indicators.