Karachi Just Witnessed Coldest Night of the Season

Karachi, known for its hot and humid climate, experienced the coldest night of this season after mercury levels in the Malir Cantt area dropped as low as 5.8°C.

According to PakWeather, Pakistan’s largest automated weather stations network, despite temperatures dropping to 5.8°C in Malir Cantt, temperatures in Clifton and Defence Housing Authority (DHA) remained between 14-16°C last night (Wednesday/Thursday).

Speaking about such a significant temperature difference in the metropolis, PakWeather’s Founder, Owais Haider, told ProPakistani that Clifton and DHA are densely populated areas in the city center, which contributes to the rise in temperature there.

On the other hand, Malir Cantt is located away from the center and has a less dense population, which could be linked to the area’s low temperatures, he said.

Describing this temperature difference as “unique,” Owais remarked that Karachi is one the few cities experiencing such a wide range of temperatures in a single night.

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