UAE’s New Visa Rules Promote Longer Stays in the Country

United Arab Emirates (UAE) introduced several new travel laws to promote tourism and ensure longer stays for expats in the country since they only used it as a transit place previously.

The new long-term residency permits like Golden Visa, Green Visa, Retirement Visa, and Freelance Visas attracted many investors, students, and professionals, seeking career and investment opportunities, to the UAE.

According to recruitment and human resource (HR) consultants, the duration that visitors spend in the UAE is projected to skyrocket in the near future, as the current average stay period in the gulf country has surpassed five years.

Regarding the growing stay period, Managing Director of Genie Recruitment, Nicki Wilson, stated that the flexible visa rules will promote longer stays in the Emirates and will allow wealthy individuals to plan their future here.

Last year, UAE commenced granting 60-day visit visas under its reform strategy called the Advanced Visa System (AVS). Also, the five-year multiple-entry visa remained one of the most popular choices in UAE since it doesn’t require a sponsor and allows the visa holder to stay there for up to 90 consecutive days.

UAE also started offering same-day visit visa renewal service after it remained suspended during the coronavirus-related restrictions.

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