British Prime Minister Fined For Not Wearing Seatbelt

British police fined Prime Minister (PM) Rishi Sunak on Friday for neglecting to wear a seatbelt while recording a social media clip in a moving vehicle.

Lancashire Police stated in a Twitter post, without mentioning Sunak, that they offered a conditional offer of a fixed penalty to a 42-year-old man from London today.

Sunak can avoid a court appearance by paying a fine under a fixed penalty. Sunak fully understands his error and has apologized, according to Downing Street, and he will cooperate with the prescribed punishment.

As reported by the BBC, the punishment for not using a seatbelt in a passenger vehicle is £100 ($124). Sunak may be compelled to pay £500 if the issue went to court.

In the video in question, released on Thursday for distribution on Sunak’s social media accounts, the beltless Conservative leader chats from the rear seat of a moving automobile about his proposals for stimulating growth while visiting Lancashire in northern England.

Sunak apologized for an “error of judgment” shortly after the video was released on Thursday, as per Downing Street, and it has now been deleted from Instagram. Sunak’s commuting practices were already a topic of discussion in the United Kingdom. 

His political opponents have recently targeted his use of a private plane for several short journeys. This is not the first time that the British PM has been fined by the police. He was penalized while working as Chancellor of the Exchequer for violating the government’s social distance guidelines by joining a Downing Street party in June 2020.