Turning Fog Into Water: Punjab Forest Department’s Innovative Project

The Punjab Forest Department wants to produce drinkable water from fog in hilly, arid, and other appropriate places.

According to Forest Department Chief Conservator, Saqib Mahmood, numerous countries have been researching the ‘fog collector’ approach for the past 30 years. Several of them have had success with the tests.

As per the official, the countries were not just watering crops but also receiving freshwater from fog collectors.

While a number of governments were collecting water for consumption using the technology, he indicated that it was still being undertaken on an experimental basis.

Saqib Mahmood noted that although many nations benefit from the procedure, the experiment would be one of its kind in Pakistan. 

It will begin as a test project, with around 100 trees planted. He said the department had granted the go-ahead to begin work on the pilot program, and that particular parts of Rawalpindi were deemed most suited for the purpose.

He further elaborated that this strategy is quite effective in locations where the volume of water in fog is considerable, particularly in hilly terrain. The water droplets formed by the vapors in the air are most visible on thin, flat, exposed surfaces such as plant leaves and grass blades.

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