CDA Breaks All Previous Records in 3-Day Auction of Plots

On Thursday, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) completed a three-day auction of plots, which generated an impressive total of Rs. 41 billion from the sale of 42 plots.

Despite the ongoing economic crisis in the country, the CDA has set a new record with this auction. In the previous auction, held during the amnesty scheme of 2021, the CDA generated Rs. 37 billion.

However, in the recent auction, the agency exceeded its own record by fetching Rs. 41 billion, surpassing the previous total by a significant margin.

In an official statement, a senior CDA official said that in the three-day auction, CDA sold 42 plots of various sizes against Rs. 40.9 billion, which is the highest-ever figure.

The successful outcome of the auction was a result of the collaborative efforts of the estate, planning, and finance teams, the official stated.

He credited CDA’s Planning Wing for providing plots in desirable locations with favorable planning parameters, which were then effectively marketed by the Estate Wing. This, in turn, led to the impressive results of the auction.

Note here that the CDA had initially projected to generate Rs. 20 billion from the three-day auction, but to its surprise, the event received an overwhelming response from investors, resulting in a final total of Rs. 41 billion.

  • give me one plot as i want to stay in isb, thanx in advance, i am a citizen of pakistan however i am without uniform

  • Land will become more expensive, and the investors have invested to lease it on much higher rates:(

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