CDA Issues Final Warning to Illegal Buildings on Park Road

The widespread construction of illegal commercial buildings worth billions of rupees on Islamabad’s Park Road isn’t hidden from anyone.

However, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has now decided to take action, issuing final notices to over 39 buildings on Park Road.

These buildings have been given a deadline of 15 days to regularize their construction or face legal consequences.

According to the notices, the CDA will take severe actions such as sealing or demolition of the buildings if they are not regularized within the given deadline.

The owners will also be held liable for any damages that may occur during the proceedings.

It has been discovered that a number of illegal buildings in Islamabad are currently being used for various commercial activities, including private schools, banks, hospitals, hotels, and cash and carry stores among others.

CDA remains determined to enforce the law and bring an end to illegal construction in the city.

  • Please share the illegal societies whereabouts and details so that a lay man like us could take extra precautions..

  • Why is it that CDA keeps sleeping while these multi billion rupees buildings were being constructed and occupied several years ago and now when established businesses are operating from these buildings, someone in CDA suddenly wakes up and a clean up operation is planned. Another gimmick to milk illegal money from the owners???

  • Was CDA responsible departments were sleeping when these structures were coming up. This just nothing except arm twisting for vested interest.

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