How a Case of Gross Negligence Landed a Karachi Schoolchild on Vent

A 5th-grader in one of Karachi’s ‘Smart Schools’ is reportedly on a ventilator fighting for his life as a result of what appears to be a case of gross negligence.

The incident occurred on Friday, Februray 24, when a Fun Gala at the school turned into a battle for life for the schoolchild.

While the kid remains in ICU, investigations are ongoing to ascertain what led to this unfortunate incident.

What Happened?

According to some student eyewitness accounts, kids had set up stalls for different things including food and drinks at the Gala.

One such stall was of the soda drinks with glass bottles. This is where the incident took place.

According to a kid who stood nearby, an older student was trying to open the soda drink with the key which didn’t work.

So, he instead reportedly shook the bottle and used a knife to open the bottle cap.

This caused the bottle to burst with a piece of broken glass lodging into the neck of the unfortunate child.

The kid reportedly had to be moved to a couple of hospitals before he was accepted by one as others declined.

What’s the Current Status?

As per the latest reports, the child is still in the ICU on life support, battling for his life.

On the other hand, investigations are going on by LEAs in search of the cause of the incident.

We’re looking for more information into the matter which we will add to this story as they’re received.

Criminal Negligence?

Although the incident looks like a genuinely spontaneous one, parents are worried for a couple of reasons.

Some of them are wondering why glass soda bottles were allowed on the school campus in the first place.

Secondly, what a knife, which the older kid used to open the bottle, was doing casually laying around on the stall/table.

And thirdly, why were the kids left unsupervised around a stall that had gas-filled soda bottles, and surprisingly, a knife?

While the investigations look into these questions, we pray for the child’s speedy and full recovery.

Note: The image is used for illustration purpose only.

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