CDA Takes a Good Step for Water Conservation in Islamabad

In a bid to conserve water and ensure judicious use of this precious resource during the upcoming summer season, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken a stern stance against water wastage.

In this regard, the CDA has decided to implement strict legal action against those found guilty of wasting water.

Islamabad often experiences water shortage due to the wasteful activities of some residents. These include washing cars and allowing water to overflow onto the streets.

While the decision to take action against water wasters has been made, the existing laws only permit the CDA to impose a maximum fine of Rs. 5,000 on offenders found guilty of wasting water, such as car-washing.

Past experience has shown that such punishments have failed to produce the desired results as residents in posh sectors, in particular, are easily able to pay the fine and continue their wasteful ways.

A CDA official clarified that the civic agency has the authority to increase the fine from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 25,000 if the offender repeats the offense.

The CDA plans to set up special teams to issue notices to those involved in water wastage. Repeat offenders will have their challans sent to the CDA magistrate, resulting in increased fines and other necessary action taken under existing laws.

The official urged all residents to comply with the CDA bylaws and avoid wasting clean drinking water. It is hoped that this latest initiative will go a long way in conserving water and ensuring its optimal use during the upcoming summer season.

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  • What about enhancing measures for water storage , rain water storage it’s use , recycling of water ,

  • Only option is installation of digital meters. Outsourcing monitoring and revenue collection.

  • Why don’t CDA installs digital meters to charge the consumption instead deploying teams and extra resources on cost of consumers to avoid such wastages?

  • CDA does not provide sufficient water, particularly in summer season. Almost all residents have installed their own boring motors and therefore are not worried about wasting water as they only pay electricity bills for using boring motors. This has depleted ground water table. The only solution is banning boring motors and CDA to provide water 24/7 and digital meters be installed.

  • Shame to CDA, do not know the meaning of conservation of water. Water conservation is huge field of reusing of water. If CDA really wants to do then hire engrs for such water problems. I can do it on honourary basis as I am also an engr and have experience of waster water treatment. Feel pleasure to surve our country.

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