Irony: Theft from Police Station Exposes Security Loophole in Diplomatic Enclave

The Diplomatic Enclave, a highly guarded location in Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad, has been hit by multiple thefts in recent times, compromising the security systems of the police stationed there. According to a senior police official, thieves have stolen communication cables from police stations in the area.

The Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police (Security), Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) (Security), and Superintendent of Police (SP) Diplomatic Enclave are responsible for providing security measures in the Red Zone.

The police first discovered the theft when the phone lines at the SSP security office went dead. It was found that the National Telecom Corporation (NTC) copper wires had been stolen. Soon after, all of the top security personnel’s landline phones, including the DSP VVIP route, DSP headquarters, administrative block, tiger blocks, security branch, and the Diplomatic Enclave’s entry sections, were also found to be dead.

An operator at the SSP security office reported the issue to the assistant divisional engineer at the Prime Minister House. In response, an engineer and a technician were sent to the field to investigate the problem. They discovered that 50 pairs of telephone subterranean copper wires had been taken from the tiger block police offices in the Diplomatic Enclave.

The incident was immediately reported to NTC officials and top police personnel. A police officer said that the theft was taken very seriously as it exposed a significant security vulnerability.

An FIR was filed against unidentified persons at the Secretariat police station in response to the engineer’s accusations. According to the FIR, this was not the first instance of theft in the region, and it had been previously reported to the PS Secretariat in writing, but the issue remained unresolved.

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