Saqlain Mushtaq Reveals Why He Married His Daughter to Shadab Khan

Stand-in captain Shadab Khan tied the knot with Malika Saqlain, daughter of former cricketer Saqlain Mushtaq, in an intimate ceremony earlier this year.

Speaking in a recent podcast, Saqlain recalled how he gave his nod to Shadab’s proposal for his daughter.

Saqlain shared that he was won over by Shadab’s admirable qualities, such as his devotion to five daily prayers and his respectful decision to let his parents have the final say in his marriage.

He also praised Shadab for his commitment to spreading the message of prayer, noting that he goes door to door to call fellow players to join in the daily prayers.

The former leg-spinner spinner went on to reveal that he was deeply moved by the simple but profound response of Shadab’s parents who reflected a humble and traditional view of the importance of family and marriage.

Finally, Saqlain spoke of the emotional moment when he himself solemnized the nikkah of his daughter with Shadab.