UAE Donates $3 Million to Rebuild Palestinian Village Burnt to Dust by Israel

President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, has announced $3 million in aid for the reconstruction of a Palestinian village, Huwara, in the West Bank.

Officials from both countries held a meeting at the Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi in order to discuss the plan for implementing this initiative. The Mayor of Huwara led the Palestinian delegation.

Situated in the Nablus Governorate of the West Bank, Huwara was burnt to flames by extremist Zionist settlers this month in response to the killing of two Israeli settlers by Palestinian freedom fighters.

Israeli extremists set dozens of cars, homes, and shops on fire, which resulted in the death of one Palestinian and injured several others.

US Department of State has also demanded immediate action from Israel against the involved Zionists. The incident took place in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, therefore the responsibility of investigation lies with the Israeli authorities instead of Palestinian security forces.

Many Palestinian families feel unprotected in the occupied territory due to the intensification of attacks by extremist settlers. A cousin of the martyred man, Ayman, questioned, “If the judge is your enemy, what’s he going to do for you?”

Ayman and his relatives went to police stations and the Israeli military multiple times in order to prompt them into action but to no avail. Israeli police visited the area to gather evidence 15 days after the terrible attack occurred. It interviewed witnesses for testimonies and also searched for any possible CCTV footage that might have recorded the incident.

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