Govt Launches World-Class IT Training Program for Thousands of Youngsters

The IT Ministry has collaborated with the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), [email protected], and 21 leading tech companies to launch a world-class training program for 4,000 IT graduates.

The program, named “Tech Lift,” is aimed at guiding the country’s young population towards acquiring the required skills and training to increase Pakistan’s IT exports to $15 billion.

The Federal IT Minister, Syed Amin-ul-Haque, spoke at the graduation ceremony of the first cohort of the “Tech Lift” boot camp in Karachi.

The pilot program has already trained 1,800 youngsters, and another 2,200 will be trained by June 2023. 800 highly meritorious graduates are from Karachi.

The Minister emphasized the importance of providing world-class IT training opportunities to the youth, given that two-thirds of Pakistan’s population consists of young men and women under the age of 30.

He stated that the stability of Pakistan’s economy is linked to the growth of the tech industry, and there is a dire need to increase IT exports to get the country’s share of billions of dollars from the digital world.

The program’s curriculum was designed by integrating the talented young generation and the global needs, and IT companies designed international standards for it.

The Minister also highlighted that the IT sector is the only industry with more than 80% decent and attractive income employment.

He noted that the IT Ministry’s initiatives have resulted in an increase in IT exports from $900 million to $3 billion, with a 150% increase.

However, to achieve the goal of increasing exports to $15 billion and beyond, providing world-class IT training opportunities to the youth is indispensable.

  • I am interested but i wanna know that how can i apply and in which city of Pakistan these courses are going to be started?

  • Great service for youth, Hopefully will benefits new generation as well as Pakistan

  • This is a very good initiative by the government of Pakistan. Now there is a moral duty of students to serve and perform their usual tasks and serve their duties for and in Pakistan rather than to go abroad and to support other countries. Regards

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