Starlink Satellite Broadband is Now Officially Registered in Pakistan

In a significant development for Pakistan’s IT and Telecommunication sector, Director of Global Licensing and Market Activation at SpaceX, Ryan Goodnight, called on the Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Syed Aminul Haq, to discuss the registration of SpaceX’s Starlink in Pakistan.

According to the Minister, Starlink has registered itself with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

The meeting was aimed at exploring how Starlink’s fastest and cheapest satellite internet services could pave the way for affordable broadband services in every corner of Pakistan.

The Minister expressed his optimism that Starlink’s services could significantly reduce the operational costs of telecom operators, even in remote areas where inactive mobile towers could be activated at low cost.

“Our main objective is to provide broadband services to every corner of Pakistan at affordable tariffs,” said the Minister, adding, “Starlink can play an important role in this regard.”

Ryan Goodnight thanked the Minister for his full cooperation and appreciated Pakistan’s progress in the IT and Telecommunication sector. “Basic steps are complete, and now we are ready to go fast,” Ryan added.

This development could potentially revolutionize Pakistan’s telecommunications industry by providing faster and more affordable internet services, even in remote areas. The successful implementation of Starlink’s services in Pakistan could be a significant step towards achieving the goal of a connected Pakistan.

    • Lol is ko ye b nai pata support kis ko karna hai sab ka naam le dia…kal tak zardari ko galian b deta hoga…now he is just anti-pti….chahe doosri taraf iblees ho….which they are actually :p

    • Don’t know about packages yet but expectations are that it will be expensive…100$ is too much for home use. It will be only viable for remote businesses though

  • Imran Khan chor, fitna and joker of Pakistan. Totally ruined pakistan’s economy in his tenure. Terrorist Imran Khan

  • I think satellite internet is more about accessibility then the speed. i.e. availability in remote area

    Anyhow, Good news for Pakistan 🇵🇰 👍

  • India is far ahead in IT When our minister announce the 5G for Pakistan.
    If,all the requirements are ready.We are not ahead from India.They had launch 5G last year and yet we can’t listen from high ups for soon launching of it.

  • This is good news for the customers of Pakistan especially the remote places which are deprived from Internet services.As every man of oury has has right to internet.well come to Starlink and Ryan Goodnight to introduce such telecom modern facilities in our country Pakistan.

  • Pakistan has already planned HTS system services by next year through its PAKSAT-MM1 satellite which will be co-located with operational satellite Paksat-1R. Hence will be sourceof the best internet service in the country especially for remote areas.

  • A good and bad news at the same time, they had our data through third parties but know they will have it directly even our telecommunication services, which already tracks our location 24/7, all the activities from social media to push more Adds which is getting more common know a days, if we really want to bring changes through technology why don’t we push our forces by helping or building web3.0?

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