Naila Kiani Becomes First Pakistani Women to Summit Two 8000er Mountains

Pakistan’s esteemed climber, Naila Kiani successfully summits Mount Lhotse, the fourth-highest mountain in the world at 8,516 meters above sea level.

She has now created history as the first Pakistani female mountaineer to summit mighty Mount Lhotse right after summiting Mount Everest, setting a double summit record. The expedition was sponsored by the BARD Foundation.

 Her consecutive achievements have significantly elevated Pakistan’s image at a global level, garnering her admiration and acclaim from around the world. 

 Overwhelmed with joy, Kiani says on her astounding feat, “When I started my journey, I had a vision in my mind and today seeing the same turning into a tangible reality fills my heart with joy, making every ounce of effort worthwhile.

“Today, I attribute this achievement to my unwavering dedication and the generous support of BARD Foundation that believed in my dreams and capabilities. Certainly, organizations like these instil hope in the youth to move forward and fulfill their ambitions with determination.” 

 She started her journey by summiting K2 on her first attempt. She has also scaled Gasherbrum-I, Gasherbrum-II, and Annapurna I. Now, after her triumphant ascent of Mount Everest and Lhotse, she becomes the first Pakistani woman to summit 6 highest peaks of the world. However, this is just the start of her extraordinary journey as she passionately continues to move forward to achieve more historic feats.

 Extremely delighted upon the news, the Managing Director of BARD Foundation Mehreen Dawood shared her sentiments with the press, “This exceptionally talented girl is a ray of hope for a lot of women out there. Her successive wins stand as undeniable proof that BARD Foundation is effectively accomplishing its goal to helping talented Pakistani individuals realize their potential as champions in their chosen fields.

“Women like her, with their resilience, continuously inspire and motivate us in our mission to serve our country by creating opportunities for the deserving talent to shine and make a positive impact. Together, we pledge to unlock their immeasurable potential and inspire a generation to achieve their dreams.”

 BARD Foundation has always played a vital role in promoting talent and paving the way for successful careers for many. The initiative undertaken by Bilquis and Abdul Razak Dawood believes in changing fortunes by helping competent individuals realize their potential as champions in their chosen fields.

The purpose of the Foundation is to develop strong and confident individuals, with a special emphasis on skill construction and improvement. The Foundation extends assistance to anyone who has the spirit of adventure by becoming a part of their transformative journey.

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