Saudi Son and Egyptian Mother Reunite After 30+ Years

In a heartwarming Hollywood movie-like story a Saudi man has been reunited with his Egyptian mother after being separated for over three decades.

Turki Khaled Al Sunaid, now 36, was tragically separated from his mother before his fourth birthday. His father had ended their marriage, taking young Turki away while his mother had gone to Egypt to visit her family.

This emotional story, as reported by Al Arabiya, left Turki without any contact with his mother since that day.

Tragedy continued to shadow Turki’s life, as he lost his father when he was only 16 years old. Then, he moved in with his grandmother. However, after she passed away, he lived with an elderly relative until the age of 28 when he eventually got married.

Sunaid always wanted to find his mother despite the challenges in his life. He sought help from the Egyptian embassy in Riyadh but eventually decided to travel to Egypt himself.

After 32 years of separation, the Saudi embassy in Cairo helped Sunaid in locating his mother. He found important documents at the embassy that mentioned his parents, and with the help of Egyptian authorities visiting various addresses, they finally found her.

Saudi Embassy contacted Turki’s mother, and after a few discussions, they were happily reunited.

According to Turki’s mother Abeer Hanafi who lives in Alexandria, she had also been trying to reach her son, but his father’s family denied her access. His father’s family had told Turki that his mother was dead, she added.

Despite her attempts, they refused to let her speak to him. Turki also tried to contact his mother through relatives but failed, so he sought help from the Saudi embassy.

He expressed his gratitude to the embassy for helping him find his mother. Now reunited, he plans to bring his mother to Riyadh and will continue visiting her in Egypt until she relocates.

He stated that he will bring her happiness and make up for the lost time they spent apart, as he always felt that something was missing without her in his life.

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