CDA Unifies All Zoning Bylaws to Facilitate Citizens

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has made significant progress in simplifying its zoning regulations by consolidating all the bylaws into a comprehensive book.

This compilation comes as a relief for stakeholders who previously struggled to access and comprehend scattered regulations spread across various minutes of board decisions.

The compilation covers a range of zoning regulations, including the 1992 regulations, the amended regulations from 2010, and residential building control bylaws for specific areas.

Until now, the Blue Area, Marakiz, and Class-III shopping centers were not documented, along with guidelines for housing schemes in unacquired areas along IJP Road.

Town planners have criticized the existing zoning framework and argued that it favors single-family housing while limiting opportunities for commercial and civic activities.

They said that zoning should prioritize public and community spaces alongside commerce, culture, and education and emphasized the importance of transparent procedures.

An official from CDA highlighted the necessity of this compilation, stating that the details of zoning bylaws were scattered across official minutes and gazettes.

The creation of this book will provide a consolidated resource and facilitate a comprehensive review of existing zoning regulations to meet the requirements of the modern era.

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