This App Can Detect Fake Items With Your Phone Camera

Fake products can be quite a headache. Nobody wants to drive around their car with fake brake pads they bought for a fortune, or use fake medicine that could potentially ruin their health.

To address this issue Alitheon, an app developer, has developed FeaturePrint, an artificial intelligence-based application capable of identifying counterfeits, fakes, and knock-offs with a single photo. This innovative app is compatible with a diverse range of products.

The developer says:

Pick up a car brake pad, a circuit board, a bar of precious metal, or your collectable baseball card. Are you sure it is what you think it is? Is it what it should be? What is the consequence if it isn’t? Eliminate these questions and avoid the doubt. Be FeaturePrint sure!

In light of the global counterfeit market reaching a value of $2.3 trillion, the FeaturePrint app employs advanced software to analyze the digital footprint of each item, enabling accurate identification and detection.

Watch the app in action in the video below.

FeaturePrint Optical AI software utilizes photographs to visually capture and transform intricate surface characteristics of physical objects into distinct mathematical identities. Whether it’s gears, circuit boards, watches, or collectibles, each item possesses its own unique attributes, differentiating it from even those produced on the same assembly line.

However, even though the app uses your phone’s camera to operate, a FeaturePrint is still not an image.

It is a set of numbers characterizing the unique features of an object. Features common to similar objects are rejected, and only the information that makes this object unique is preserved.

A FeaturePrint serves to verify the authenticity of a specific object rather than categorizing it based on its general type. For instance, the app might authenticate a specific Intel Core i9 processor, rather than classifying it as one among all Intel Core i9 processors.

Instead of relying on barcodes, QR codes, or RFID tags that are prone to detachment, obfuscation, or counterfeiting, the FeaturePrint app offers a reliable alternative.

Notably, the app is not accessible through typical smartphone app stores. It is designed specifically for businesses seeking the unique benefits provided by FeaturePrint. Companies interested in leveraging FeaturePrint are required to reach out to Alitheon by completing their contact form. The pricing details are not explicitly stated on the website.

The app is already in use in the UK by the London Bullion Market Association to identify and authenticate gold.

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