These are the Best Pakistani Schools in UAE

Dubai is home to a large number of Pakistanis. With over 1.2 million Pakistani residents in UAE, of which 400,000 reside in Dubai, making up 13% of the city’s total population.

Despite that, there are only a limited number of schools offering a Pakistani curriculum in the UAE. The Pakistanis in UAE have long recognized the importance of preserving their cultural identity and values.

The Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD), established in 1960, serves as the primary community center for UAE-based Pakistanis.

UAE’s multicultural landscape means that many families seek international schools that provide education aligned with their own country’s curriculum. Likewise, Pakistani families also prefer to find educational institutions that offer their home country’s curriculum.

Here are the top 3 Pakistani schools in UAE:

Pakistan Education Academy

The Pakistan Education Academy is Dubai’s premier Pakistani educational institution, known for its high academic standards and up-to-date curriculum. It follows the Pakistani federal education system and is highly respected among locals.

Established in 1968, Pakistan Education Academy offers classes from Pre-K to Grade 12. It welcomes students of all genders and nationalities, providing excellent education at a reasonable fee of around AED 5,900 to AED 8,200 per year.

Al Ittihad Private School

Al Ittihad Private School is a highly regarded choice for Pakistani education in Al Ain. Launched in 1995, this school also follows the Pakistani federal education system.

Parents play an active role in the school’s community, supporting their children to reach their full potential. The school welcomes both domestic and international students of all genders.

The average fees at Al Ittihad Private School range from AED 2,100 to AED 3,000 per year. Classes are offered from Kindergarten (KG) to Grade 8. For further inquiries, contact 03 780 5025. The school is located in Falaj Hazza, Al Ain.

Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistani School Dubai

Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum School Pakistani School (SRAMPS) is widely regarded as one of the best Pakistani schools in Dubai, offering a welcoming environment for Pakistani children to learn about their heritage and participate in activities promoting Pakistani values.

The school’s excellent curriculum follows the latest educational research and is aligned with the Pakistani federal education system.

It keeps students informed about current developments in Pakistan and celebrates national festivals, holidays, and events such as Independence Day, Takbir Day, etc.

SRAMPS also emphasizes the importance of learning about the UAE’s culture and history. Students are taught the Arabic language as well.

The school, built in 1995, has affordable monthly tuition fees ranging from AED 325 for Pre-K through Grade 5, AED 375 for Grades 6 through 10, and AED 650 for Grades 11 and 12. It is located at Baghdad Street, District 1, Al-Qusais, Dubai.


Published by
Salman Ahmed