Americans Now Prefer Samsung Over Apple

Samsung has overtaken Apple as the most popular brand among Americans, according to a recent survey conducted by Axios Harris Poll in May 2023.

Participants were asked to rate their favorite brands based on factors such as quality, value, and customer service. Samsung received an overall score of 84.6, surpassing Apple’s overall score of 83.0.

This marks the first time that Samsung has surpassed Apple in these polls. In the previous year, Apple held the top position, with Samsung following closely in second place. However, it is important to note that this shift in popularity does not necessarily imply that Americans now specifically prefer Samsung Galaxy phones over iPhones.

Samsung offers a wider range of products compared to Apple, which may contribute to its overall popularity.

Samsung’s diverse product portfolio, which ranges from smartphones to TVs to smart home appliances, gives the company a broader appeal to consumers compared to Apple, which primarily focuses on smartphones, computers, and tablets.

This means that people who are satisfied with their Samsung TV may be more inclined to choose a Samsung smartphone when they decide to upgrade their devices.

Additionally, the survey highlighted a growing trend of Americans favoring foreign brands. Out of the top 10 brands mentioned in the survey, seven were foreign-owned. Here is the complete report on brand reputation in America.

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