British Council Announces Good News for IELTS Aspirants

In a groundbreaking development, the British Council has unveiled a transformative feature for IELTS test takers who aim to improve their scores without the need for a complete retest.

The innovative feature, aptly named ‘One Skill Retake,’ offers candidates the opportunity to reattempt a single section of the IELTS test, be it listening, reading, writing, or speaking, while preserving the familiar format and timing of the original section, a national daily has reported.

Andrew Mackenzie, the Director of IELTS at the British Council, explained that this innovation was born out of the organization’s commitment to its customers. He stated that they understood that, with adequate preparation and support, their test takers could achieve their best scores on test day. He added that ‘One Skill Retake’ empowered candidates to revisit a specific skill if they believed their initial performance didn’t accurately reflect their English proficiency, thereby promoting fairness.

Moreover, organizations accepting IELTS scores with the ‘One Skill Retake’ option can provide candidates with the flexibility to meet entry requirements while maintaining high standards. This initiative underscores the IELTS partners’ dedication to assisting test takers in realizing their full potential.

Maarya Rehman, Deputy Director of the British Council in Pakistan, emphasized their commitment to empowering IELTS test takers, making the British Council the only major high-stakes test provider offering this unique option in Pakistan.

Test takers who opt for ‘One Skill Retake’ will receive a secondary Test Report Form suitable for migration and academic purposes. Depending on their results, candidates can choose to use either their original or new test report for the skill they retake. This feature can be booked within 60 days of the initial IELTS test, offering candidates greater flexibility and control over their test outcomes.

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  • This is good news but not for everyone it is only for computer base candidate.
    paper based student can not do this

  • Plzzz British council should allow to paper based test taker instead of computer based takers. It should be for all type of test patterns.

  • I’ve registered and paid for my IELTS test since 4th of September 2023, since then no confirmation of my payment. I’ve sent several emails to no avail. What can I do please.

  • please why do we have different ielts for u.k vi and another one canada, when we practically do same exam
    please kindly look into this.
    also let paper based ielts candidate have same opportunity to retake one part as well thanks

  • Hurrah!! Really appreciated, i am so glad to hear that news, i attempted the ielts last time i obtained the desire module score but the criteria for selection needed 6 on each module also, so in reading i got 5.5, but now it seems that i have a great opportunity to retake reading module..

  • Hi…I took my General Training IELTS on 26th August 2023 but I couldn’t score well just in Reading. Do I have the same opportunity to attempt the One Skill Retake…????

  • Please, I want to know if I must write both IELTS and GRE before getting admission in US universities or either of the exams qualifies me gain admission. I want to apply for PhD program.

  • What’s the difference between paper based or computer based ?? Are they both have same value?? Or their are certain disciplines where paper based IELTS is required??

    • There are no requirements for paper based tests, infact computer-based has its own advantages like u get the results within 3-4 working days.

  • Details of the message above indicating that test taker with one low band in the last test can retake the failed test?

  • I just did my test on ukvi general this month of September but scored low in writing. Please what will it cost to retake the test and what is the supposed band score for ukvi general?

  • How can I get study materials form this site ? I have exams in few weeks and am based in the UAE

  • This is a good initiative. It will really help narrow the focus in retaking the IELT exam. Thank you

  • It’s a great initiative, but where do we apply for retake?n do we apply for retake before the test or after the results? Kindly guide how to access the retake form?

  • The people who appeared in paper-based test but their speaking was conducted on a computer can give a retake on speaking?

  • Please I want to find out if this IELTS retake is applicable to Nigerians.
    Also do the British council give hard copy of results?

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