Scam Alert: Don’t Trust This SMS About Fake Delivery Packages

There is a new type of SMS scam going on that baits people with a warning of blocked shipments and lures them into clicking on a fraudulent link. Multiple users have been targeted by this new scam and one of the affected users reported it on Twitter.

The Twitter user shared screenshots of the deceptive SMS text as well as the fake website it leads to. Here is what it looks like.

Notice how the fraudulent SMS claims that the shipment has been put on hold due to a missing house number. This already shows that the message is completely fake. If your delivery details are missing while ordering a package, online stores typically warn you and don’t complete the order. Daraz, for instance, says that your address is incomplete. Moreover, if there is an issue with your order, Daraz will email or message you directly instead of using a random mobile number.

Also, notice that the link provided in the SMS has been concealed with a link shortener. Even while opening the webpage, it doesn’t lead to the official Pakistan Post website, which goes by the URL: “” or “”. Instead, the fake web address in the screenshot is “”.

The scam in question also tries to ask for your personal details as well as bank account details. Pakistan Post clearly displays an alert message on its website that it doesn’t ask for any online payments on its website. Take a look at the image below.

Scam messages like these are usually recognized by messaging apps like Google Messages and these should be reported immediately. We strongly advise against sharing your personal information online before verifying a website’s authenticity. Users should also warn friends and family if they happen to come across such fraud online.

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  • I already did complaint against the scam to online platform where they hosted but they seemed involved as well.

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