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Researchers Find Simple Way to Increase Solar Panel Efficiency

In a recent development, researchers from the University of Ottawa have revealed a simple yet effective method to boost solar panel efficiency.

Researchers have discovered that placing a reflective surface under solar panels can help absorb more light, increasing energy output.

According to the University of Ottawa, researchers aimed to improve solar energy technology by placing “artificial ground reflectors” or highly reflective white surfaces beneath the panels. This simple adjustment led to a 4.5% increase in energy output.

“Critically, these reflectors should be placed directly under the solar panels, not between rows, to maximize this benefit,” an official said.

The study on artificial ground reflectors by the University of Ottawa is just the start of a new research partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Mandy Lewis’s ongoing research at the University of Ottawa promises extensive benefits.

Mandy Lewis explains that since 4% of the world’s land areas are sandy deserts, this small tweak could help get the most out of solar energy in different places around the globe.

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Arsalan Khattak