Govt Bans Three-Phase Meters

The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has announced a significant change in its metering system by banning three-phase meters for all consumers. This move is part of LESCO’s strategy to modernize its infrastructure and improve billing accuracy.

To replace the three-phase meters, LESCO has begun installing Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) meters. These advanced meters are designed to enhance the accuracy of meter readings, reduce overbilling issues, and curb electricity theft.

The transition to AMR meters comes with additional costs for consumers. LESCO has stated that consumers will need to pay an extra 20,000 to Rs 25,000 due to the price difference between the old three-phase meters and the new AMR meters. The total cost for the purchase and installation of an AMR meter will be Rs 42,000.

The installation of AMR meters is expected to bring several benefits to both LESCO and its consumers:

  • Reduced Overbilling: AMR meters provide more accurate readings, minimizing the chances of overbilling.
  • Reduction in Electricity Theft: The new system is more secure, making it harder for electricity theft to occur.
  • Online Billing: Consumers will have the convenience of online billing, streamlining the payment process.
  • Modern Technology: The use of AMR meters represents a significant technological upgrade, providing better service and convenience for consumers.

This transition follows LESCO’s earlier initiative of replacing bidirectional meters for solar systems with AMR meters. The success of that project has likely influenced the decision to expand the use of AMR technology.

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  • Lesco and electricity department must hit where the problem is. Don’t charge extra amount to current electricity consumers. Recover money from govt institutions.

  • FESCO installed AMR meters in large scale industrial units, then after the lapse of 9 – 10 months, FESCO found that AMR meters are not working accurately. Then FESCO not only discontinued AMR meters but also sent arrears bills to all industrial units.

  • “Reduced Overbilling” So LESCO is accepting that they are overbilling customers?

    Every “feature” mentioned is for the convenience of the DISCO, why should customers pay this? What is a guarantee that they will not come back year from now citing a more advance meter. If they can’t afford capital invested, then do it once they have the money. Stop screwing people.

  • We spent billions on electromech meters then zillions on electronic then billionson digital meters snd now again zillions on amr then again in future on ami systems. Some are asking for prepaid and theft losses are less than these meters change losses. What the heck you are doing. Improve law & order not meters.

  • The new meters will be faster, adding to the dilemma of the users. Good work government!

  • Good step butt the new meters must be installed free of cost because consumers have already been bulldozed by heavy bills how will they pay heavy cost of the new meters .

  • It’s good to use technology, but is this going to reduce losses in the system and theft…????? It’s always insiders collusion with customers that theft occurstypically in rural ateaz, LESCO should instead remove black sheeps within their ranks rather experimenting new technology for the sake of improvement.

  • Reduced Overbilling: All meters comply with international standards to enable their sale which includes required accuracy of measurement of electricity consumption. Hence, reading is accurate enough already and does not require meter replacement on this account. Send meter readers on set time to get meter reading each month to prevent overbilling through LESCO fraud.

    Reduction in Electricity Theft: Reason for electricity theft is not the meter but rather the LESCO lineman taking a cut for giving kunda connection. Replace linemen with robots if you want to curtail electricity theft, not the meter

    Online Billing: Online billing is already there witg its benefits and has nothing to do with AMR meters.

    Modern Technology: If it is working well enough, it should be left working. If LESCO wants to pursue modern technokogy for the sake of it, it should foot its bill from its revenue and not burden the already heavily billed and taxed consumer.

    • This is another trick being applied to make money through commissions and kick backs. Otherwise there is no need to replace meteres what is needed is to curb theft with iron hands.

  • LESCO must make clear who is earning how much commission on procurement of these new AMR Meters being foisted on ordinary consumers.

  • Please privatise all the distributors as they are going to tease the common man that they shall
    want to terminate their connection

    • It’s not the solution to change the meter brands. The most important thing is tariff reduction.please review your policy to manimaze the thief losses.The high up are requested not to tender/purchase the new meter to save our wapda.

  • When will this Madness end? Who will check this loot and plunder? The conditions to live in this country are being made tougher with every passing day. I Allah! Please help.

  • What the hell is this. People have already paid extra amount for three phase meters and conmections. You are changing technology, that’s fine. But why consumer should bear your extra burden of fankari…… Well if it’s about over billing. First of all you should return the over billed cost already charged from the consumers. Show some ethics.

  • Policy shifts again and again in not in the interest of customers and the Govt.

  • It’s other way to charge the consumer, the 3 phase meter was introduced by the GOvt and charged every consumer now if lesco wants to change it they should bear the cost not consumer

  • IESCO is replacing these meters free of cost. Your headline is not accurate. Three phase meters are not banned and new meters also come in single and three phase versions.

  • In villages and electricity theft areas people do illegally clamp in the cable of electricity supply specially at night,what will meter do? electricity distribution should be privatised to eliminate line losses.

  • wo punjabi ki example jo shehbz shareef sb daity hak (apni manji thaly daang phero) sopehly apny currupt officer pakro jo chori karwaty ha monthly then consumer ki taraf ao safayekarni nahi khud awam kijajb pe daka mari jao .حسب الله و نعم الوكيل

  • Other than skinning the consumer , LESCO CEO and his friends will earn crores of rupees as kickbacks and under the table money.Ganday anday.

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