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How to Choose a Secure Password That is Easy to Remember

How to Choose a Secure Password That is Easy to Remember

With so many reports of security breaches and data theft in the news lately, choosing a secure password for your devices and online accounts is more important than ever. However, the problem with creating passwords with upper-case and lower-case letters, symbols and numbers is that these passwords become impossible to remember. Which is why many people resort to a few favourite passwords which, albeit easy to remember, are compromised in terms of strength and complexity.

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How to Choose a Secure Password That is Easy to Remember

So how do you create a password that is strong, yet easy to remember? Read the article and find out!

Creating a Secure and Easy to Remember Password

Before we start telling you about some tips and tricks for creating a secure password, there are some things you should avoid while setting up your password.

  • Avoid pet, family or friends name
  • Avoid using personal and public information like your phone number
  • Don’t Use Acronyms

Here’s a few standard tips for making a password that’s hard to guess:

  • Using both upper and lower case letters
  • Numbers
  • Symbols
  • At least 12 characters

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Tips and Tricks | How to Choose a Secure Password That is Easy to Remember

Following are some of the tips that can help you remember all those hard to crack passwords.

Think of a Sentence or Phrase that stands out to you

Try to use phrases or sentence that mean something to you. A phrase shouldn’t be too long or too short. For example, you can also use your favourite movie, season or song title to create your password. For example “Orange is the new black”. In this phrase, you can take the first letter from each word and combine it with symbols and numbers to create a strong password.

How to Choose a Secure Password That is Easy to Remember

Combine Two Words

Select two words and combine them to make a new word. For instance, if you have chosen “Last” and “Password” as two words, then your new password will be “LPaasstsword“. You can add a number or symbols with it as well to make it stronger.

How to Choose a Secure Password That is Easy to Remember

Keep Same Password Base for All Accounts

Yes, we know it’s a terrible idea to use the same password for multiple accounts. However, a simple trick might change your go-to password into one that could work for different accounts. For example, if you want to sign up to Instagram, you could add IG at the start or end of the password such as ‘Umer123-IG’. This will help you to remember your passwords easily.


Keyboard Trick

This trick is also quite simple. Just choose any sequence of numbers like 123 and select the letters underneath those numbers on the keyboard. Your password could be“1qaz2wsx3edc”. To make the password even stronger, you can add special characters with it as well.

keyboard trick

Remove the Vowels

As we created the password above by combining two words, you can use the same password and remove the vowels from it to make a new password. It will be like “LPsstswrd“. You can also use symbols and numbers with that password. It doesn’t have to be the exact same password. You can use a different combination and be creative with it.

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Consider Doubling your Password

Doubling your password can increase the security and make it harder to crack. If your password is Qwerty123, you can instead use “Qwerty123Qwerty123”. This way you will be able to remember the password and it will be stronger than your previous password.

How to Choose a Secure Password That is Easy to Remember

These are some of the tips and tricks that you can use to set up a secure and easy to remember password. You can also use your favourite number, symbol or use different abbreviations to choose a strong password.

However, these days all the web browsers have the save password feature that allows us not to enter the password again on every visit. So having to remember all of your passwords shouldn’t be a big issue.

Well, there you have it! This is all about how to choose a secure password that is easy to remember. If you have any questions related to the topic, then feel free to comment in the section given below.

Written by Umer Zahid