How to pass Exams this Semester despite not having taken online classes

How to pass Exams this Semester despite not having taken online classes

Covid-19 has impacted millions of lives across the globe in ways never seen before in recent history. This pandemic has caused Government departments to make difficult decisions, with education department being one of them. This guide is all about How to pass exams this semester despite not having taken online classes. Read on!

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This pandemic has led not only Pakistan to rely on virtual education, but the whole world, to prevent any sort of interruption in the academic activity of schools and universities. In April, HEC issued guidelines to universities, to move on to online classes while taking into account their capacities and infrastructure.

Shifting from traditional learning to virtual learning is not easy in a country like Pakistan where technology infrastructure is not quite sound enough to sustain this paradigm shift. Also, the teaching faculty is not adequately equipped to make a transition from traditional to the online mode of classes. Due to these reasons, students are struggling to adapt to this new system of learning.

In recent development, the semester exams have been announced by most of the varsities across the country. So, if you haven’t taken any online classes and are worried about preparing for semester exams, then this guide might make things a bit easy for you. We will give you some guidelines on How to pass exams this semester despite not having taken online classes. Just stick with us and read the entire article.

Guidelines | How to pass your Semester Exams

Like many other students, you’re also probably struggling to prep for the exams. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Below are some of the guidelines that can help you pass your semester exams, so read and follow them carefully.

How to pass Exams this Semester despite not having taken online classes

Collect Notes from Classmates or Online source

Presuming you haven’t taken any online class, you might not have taken notes to prep for the final exam either. Therefore, you need to collect notes first from your classmates to proceed to the next step. Contact your classmate who has attended the online classes. Ask them to send you the relevant material or tell you about the topics that were covered during online classes. If you don’t get notes from them, then you can gather material from the web. Search the topics on google and gather all the relevant information you can get from there.

How to pass Exams this Semester despite not having taken online classes

Gather Information regarding Paper Pattern from Classmates

After collecting all the study material, ask your classmates about the paper pattern. Knowing what the paper would look like is very important to plan your prep as well as not get caught by surprise during the paper. If the paper has multiple choice questions, or if it has long and short answers, you will have to prep up for each type exam differently.

Create a Study Schedule

The next step in preparing for an exam is to create a study schedule and follow it. Since you’ve missed all the online classes, there will be a lot of material you have to go through. Create a plan accordingly and make sure you give yourself enough time to understand all the study material.

How to pass Exams this Semester despite not having taken online classes

Take Help from your Mates

As you haven’t taken any online class, there is a possibility you won’t be able to understand each and everything by yourself. In which case, ask your mates to help you out. You might not be able to sit down at the same place together, but you can call or face-time to and understand the topic if you’re facing any difficulty.

Take Help from Online Sources

If your classmates are not able to help for some reason, you can look surf through web to understand any topic. Use YouTube or any other authentic online source to understand any topic in which you’re facing difficulty. This way, you might better understand the topics as you would if you’d attended the class.

Study Hard

Students who aren’t able to attend an online class, have to put more effort into prepare themselves in order to pass the final exam. They have to study hard to understand the topics. With that said, you ought to take a look at the guidelines given by the professors and study the topics accordingly.

Don’t Multitask While Studying

When you’re studying, your entire focus should be on the study material. Don’t use social media or watch movies on the web. Try to give all your attention to your work. You’ll have plenty of time to socialize and stream movies after finishing your exam preparation.

If you were thinking that we’d provide you hacks to pass exams without studying, we’re really sorry to disappoint you. Because it’s a simple rule, if you won’t study, you won’t pass. You might pass by cheating, but that will do you more harm than good in the long run. So put in the work!

And that’s how you can pass your exams this semester despite not having taken online classes. If you have any questions pertaining to the topic, ask us in the comments section.

Written by Umer Zahid