How To Watch Live TV In Pakistan?

Watching television channels is no longer the exclusive habit where you sit in front of a TV and try to watch different channels for the sake of curbing boredom. Since the early 2010s, the internet of things – IoT – has allowed people to watch televised channels on websites – which may, or may not be administered in accordance with third-party terms and conditions. How To Watch Live TV, literally anywhere?

Watching stuff for free – piracy, of sorts – has become an acceptable trend among people, and since this behavior took shape in the form of a relentless online traffic, it has become possible for everyone to watch live TV on the internet.

This article is all about how to watch live TV in Pakistan. Here are the top few websites that broadcast live online programs and shows on the internet. Read on!

Option 1 | YouTube

Since 2014, Pakistan’s television industry has really absorbed the ‘upload everything online’ part, initially by posting clips from different drama serials on a daily basis. GEO, HUM TV and ARY Digital came off the streaming zone quite earlier than some of the make-over stuff we normally find on YouTube. Fast-forwarding 6 years, and we have the following YouTube statistics for Pakistan:

Furthermore, live links for famous television serials began to appear in the early 2016s, and millions of Pakistani people have watched some of their favorite dramas on YouTube.

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At the end of the day, you won’t find everything on YouTube for the most part. As profit-centric model based for almost all big TV channels, these service providers tend to upload only that material (tv serial) that is in the top-10 category. YouTube is a selective market for video-based content, and not all Pakistani shows can be found here.


Option 2 | Streaming Website

Among the top few websites that support live television broadcasts, Pakistan still has a lot of room for improvement. For instance, does Goonj TV ring any bells? I believe that in some point in time, almost all of us – or just Telenor customers – have received texts regarding goonj TV and its perks.

But, first of all, what exactly is it?

Goonj prides in being Pakistan’s most notable video streaming app that provides its audience with New Highlights, Live TV streaming, and Cricket games. It’s a free app easily accessible, and it live-streams over 25 channels of Pakistan TV including the PTV Sports. Also, it’s easy to use the app that comes with an attractive interface that allows you to enjoy topics, channels, and anchors at your comfort. It works well with all Pakistan networks while consuming a low amount of Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Why Choose Goonj | Live TV

  • Cricket updates both highlights and live coverage
  • Breaking news updates: Showcasing the latest Bulletins and Headlines
  • Various streaming options like Data Saver, Auto and Medium and HD resolution
  • Customized experience: It has Anchor and Topic Filter
  • Live TV channel featuring Regional sports news entertainment, and Islamic education
  • Full-Length social issues, political talk shows, and comedy shows exclusive programs
  • Latest top Pakistan News Clips from various channels
  • Global viral videos

Goonj: Live TV Categories

  • With Goonj: Live TV you enjoy watching categories like
  • Sports news
  • Political News
  • Regional News
  • Entertainment
  • Current Affairs
  • Technology News
  • Cooking Classes

Top Features of Goonj: Live TV

  1. Play modes: You can choose from playing videos in the video feed or using the video detail mode
  2. Feeds: With Goonj you enjoy browsing through different video while enjoying the news feed style
  3. Share: you can easily share the latest topic of technology, viral clips or political videos with your friends
  4. News Update: enjoy 24/7 of live updates on regional news updated minute by minute
  5. Cricket Highlights: For the lovers of a cricket game, Goonj: Live TV gives you updates regularly. And you can watch live cricket action and enjoy the VOD updates.

OTW | Ones To Watch | Mjunoon

Check out ProPakistani’s take on this one. This service is, at the moment, the only online streaming service intended particularly for Pakistani TV stations. More than 60 local channel links are available here, and the picture quality is top-notch.

The Usual Way | Free Web Links

Hamari-web houses 9 different Pakistani Channels that are broadcast live visuals day and night.

Similarly, Pakistan’s biggest news channels offer free live-streams to shows hosted by a team of famous news anchors. For reference, the following sites provide live stream-able links to their shows:

For watching live tv serials, visit Hamari-Web and take a look at available links to a few channels. The way tech is evolving in our country, I guess the entire Pakistani box-office will be on websites in the next 2-3 years.

Option 3 | Pay Your Cable Bills | Get Cable

In Pakistan, perhaps the easiest way for anyone to watch live television is to get cable (it’s quite cheap, really) and get access to 200+ channels that offer live coverage.

Sometimes the cable network won’t work properly, so people resort to getting dish-boxes that come with elliptical arcs for rooftops. They have neat results and boast HD-quality channels from more than 500+ different stations.

Watching live television is a big part of the people’s lives in Pakistan. We watch live sports for entertainment, dramas to add spice to life and news to stay updated with current socio-political affairs of our country. Millennials might not prefer this behavior – since all they do is Twitter, Facebook and TikTok – but family time sometimes makes some room for everyone to stare at a tele for hours and hours.

I hope this article was helpful for you. Cheers and enjoy your tele!


Written by Ahsan Gardezi

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