Bollywood Ban Is Here To Stay: PEMRA Chairman

No more Bollywood movies in Pakistan for the near future.


Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) chairman Saleem Baig has made it clear that the Bollywood ban is here to stay. The PEMRA chairman stated that no Bollywood movie would be allowed to screen at Pakistani cinemas.

Even the All Pakistan Satellite Goods Association voluntarily pitched in. The association voluntarily destroyed illegal Indian DTH and C-line equipment in a convention which was attended by PEMRA chairman Saleem Baig.

All Pakistan Satellite Goods Association officials said that their traders are against the Indian content. The association announced the ban on Indian channels.

Chairman PEMRA thanked the traders association of Mall Road for standing with media regulatory body. He said that PEMRA is thankful to the traders association of Mall Road for standing with them on this matter.

Some traders complained that Indian DTH is a potential threat to local DTH.


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Which is why Saleem Baig added that he will extend the sphere of this DTH crackdown to cable operators. Some cable operators illegally provide Indian DTH in Pakistan and the chairman is labeling it promotion of Indian DTH.

According to the Supreme Court, this crackdown was ordered to be put to work immediately. The objective behind that is to ‘benefit investment in local DTH and protect the cultural, social, religious and ethical values of Pakistan’.

Again, the PEMRA chairman made it clear in a media statement that the screening of Bollywood films at any Pakistani cinema won’t be permitted.

Saleem Baig said India attacks the same country where it mints money from through the distribution of its movies.


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